How to Get Noticed Online? (5 Blockchain Marketing Tips)

Blockchain Marketing

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Blockchain Marketing, What we saw last decade was just a glimpse of the decentralized future. Many experts and scientists sincerely believe that the world is getting ready for the paradigm shift, and blockchain is going to play a significant role in it. Just imagine ten years from now: what would the banking system look like? How businesses will operate? What if there will be only one universal currency? Sounds interesting; doesn’t it?

To predict the future, you need to understand the present. Blockchain is the technology behind the inception of cryptocurrency, and many businesses are using it to reap maximum advantages in their respective industry. Whether it’s Bitcoin or Ethereum, the world is no more unfamiliar with the immense potential of cryptocurrency. 

What’s more fascinating about this technology is the fact that it’s not limited to only financial transactions. In fact, it offers many possibilities that could change the way the world works. 

5 Blockchain Marketing Tips for Your Start-up Business

It is estimated that the global blockchain revenue will reach 39 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. That’s a huge figure. The financial sector is going to be the major contributor to this revenue with over 60% of the overall market value. In short, there is a great opportunity to launch a start-up business and rage out loud in the blockchain sphere. Here are a few blockchain marketing tips to boost your visibility, attract more customers, and increase your revenue. 

1. Set up a Website 

In today’s digital-savvy age where almost everyone is online, no business can succeed without setting up a solid online presence. I mean, just look at all the well-established blockchain businesses, they have nicely built websites that offer valuable content and tell interesting brand stories. 

Creating a website with crystal-clear “about us”, “vision”, and “mission” pages will definitely help you leverage your marketing strategy. Make your homepage your most resourceful asset, and don’t forget to optimize it for SEO and responsiveness. Also, it is important to include useful information like your company’s background, social media pages, videos, infographics, and token details. Remember, everything counts when you are online. 

2. Publish a Whitepaper

If you wish to provide your prospective consumers a comprehensive look at what is your business, how it operates, and what services will make their life easier, the you need to publish a white paper with the help of a blockchain content writer. You can even hire an ICO marketing firm if needed. Make sure you explain the following things in your whitepaper: 

  • Present your business idea. 
  • Explain your business goals. 
  • Tell how you are going to collect funds. 
  • Define your road map and time frame. 
  • Include technical and legal details. 

Your white paper is a persuasive and in-depth report that covers a specific topic and represents a problem and its solution. Consider publishing it on your website, LinkedIn profile, and some industry-specific blogs. Ensuring all these things will establish you as a credible figure among the general public.

3. Partner with Influencer Marketers 

There is no doubt that social media is the best place to promote your business these days. Therefore, consider shaking your hand with a social media influencer. This partnership will help you market your blockchain business organically. 

Keep in mind that this person doesn’t have to be a big celebrity. Just partner with someone who is already familiar with the blockchain or cryptocurrency world. Create compelling and informative content together, such as interview-style videos, and let the influencer share it on his/her social media channels.

4. Build a Community of Loyal Followers 

Blockchain may be relatively a new innovation, but it has already garnered myriads of loyal followers online. Go up and above when it comes to marketing your business and attracting these followers on social media. Build a healthy community that will invest in your start-up business. Some blockchain enthusiasts prefer using messaging apps like Telegram to share updates, news, and other information with people in the blockchain niche. So, consider interacting with these like-minded people on different platforms that are relevant to the blockchain sphere.

5. Get Published With Established Publishers 

A typical blockchain start-up doesn’t have to solely focus on social media to promote the business. There are several established publishers, such as CoinDesk, Medium, and CoinTelegraph, to attract the right people and publish your content. If you have a solid business idea, just write a clear, crispy, and interesting proposal to them. By choosing the right cryptocurrency content writer, you can easily get published online.

Concluding Thoughts  

Launching a blockchain start-up is an extraordinary feat on its own. This is an exciting endeavor, but you’ll need to have a solid blockchain marketing strategy to endorse your start-up business and leverage its potential. While blockchain marketing may be quite different from other businesses, yet, it is very similar in a way that you need to integrate the right strategies supported by well-executed campaigns. For that, we recommend you keep therefore mentioned tips and techniques in mind.

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