How to Clean a Leather Office Chair

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Keeping your office clean is paramount to conveying a good impression to visiting clients and in keeping your staff as productive and happy as possible. Keeping your leather office chair clean and well-maintained is a good way to help polish your company’s image so it’s important to understand the different ways you can care for the leather.

Identifying the Type of Leather

There are different types of leather so it’s important to understand the specifics of the material you’re working with. 

Faux Leather

Synthetic leather like PU leather is softer than real leather and has a smoother quality that can only come from a material that’s been manufactured. But all the softness in the world doesn’t change the fact that faux leather isn’t as resilient and cannot take as much wear and tear as real leather can. 

Looking after your faux leather office chair keeps it looking good for longer and you won’t have to replace it as quickly, so long as you treat it in the right way.

Real Leather

Real leather like cowhide is soft and flexible like faux leather but it has a few qualities that set it apart and make the two identifiable from each other. Real leather has a grainy texture to it and is a naturally warmer material. If you sit down on a leather office chair and it feels cold, it’s probably faux leather. 

It also has a distinct smell that synthetic leather cannot emulate and is a far stretchier material. 

It is important to make sure your real leather office chairs are looked after. Keeping the leather moist and supple ensures that it doesn’t dry out and split but too wet and the material will get brittle and crack more easily so make sure when cleaning you find that happy medium.

Cleaning Your Leather Chair

To make sure your leather chair is always looking its best, there are several methods you can try to prevent wear and tear and prolong your chair’s life.

Hoover the Seat

Hoovering your leather office chair is a good first step in preparing it for its cleanliness. A good vacuuming gets rid of loose particles of dirt which can dig into the leather if you’re not careful and cause damage. 

Attach the soft brush tool to your hoover to treat the leather as gently as possible and ensure every corner of the seat is cleaned. 

Leather Conditioning

Leather conditioners are the best way to ensure your office chair is kept in the best shape possible. These special conditioners are the perfect way to keep the leather supple and soft. 

There’s a wide variety of conditioners on the market for you to choose from so you can play around with what you think works best. There are natural oils like mink oil and synthetic conditioners like Lexol whose lightness makes it easily absorbed into the leather. 

You can also choose from creams and waxes, keeping your leather soft at the same time as giving it a polished, professional shine.

Soap and Water

Soap and water is a classic and natural way to clean anything but when it comes to your leather office chair, restraint is key. Like we said above, overly wet leather will dry out and wear and tear will occur more frequently. The best thing is to simply dip a cloth in a solution of soap and water and wring it out before wiping down the leather. 

Repeat the process to make sure you’ve washed every inch of the chair and leave it out overnight to dry naturally before wiping it down again the next morning with a fresh cloth. 

You could even experiment with a water-vinegar solution, a tried and tested way of cleaning any stains that might have accumulated on the leather.

Cleaning Hacks

There are some alternative solutions to cleaning a leather office chair that can be used either in place of soap and water and conditioners or in tandem with them, giving your chair that final boost of longevity.

The best use of cleaning hacks is in lifting up a variety of stains. We’ve mentioned vinegar above but olive oil also does the job as well. But if you’re looking for specific solutions to specific types of stain, look no further. 

Baking soda is best for helping to clean greasy stains that come from food while rubbing alcohol is a good call for lifting up ink stains and leaving your leather office chair looking good as new. 

Meanwhile, a lemon juice and cream of tartar solution is your best option in clearing up any discolourations in the leather that can come from age and use. This helps your chair to remain looking brand new as well as aesthetically pleasing, adding to the overall professional finish of your office. 

A leather office chair requires a lot of care to keep it looking its best but the effort is worth it to make sure your office looks as appealing as possible, conveying to clients that you are professional and respectable right down to the most minute detail.

Protecting your chair from damage adds to the ultimate goal of a sparkling clean workspace, subtly reinforcing the positive working atmosphere you strive for and making your office a happier place to work.

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