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Bodysuits are a one-piece marvel that provides support, flexibility, and a plethora of style possibilities in a single garment. Bodices are fantastic pieces to add to your wardrobe for various reasons, from professional to downright sexy–but how do you wear one? We’ve taken care of everything! We’ve put up a style cheat sheet with outfit suggestions, where to wear them, and answers to all of your burning bodysuit questions. Check it out below the jump. Are you ready to find the one (item) you’ve been looking for? Take a look at what follows!

All of Your Questions Have Been Answered!

Let’s face it, even with all of their advantages and style choices, bodysuits do have a few drawbacks that need to be considered in everyday situations. Following the jump, you’ll find the real-talk answers to some of the queries you may have about dressing your bodysuits:

Are you bothered by the sight of panty lines?

To keep everything appearing smooth from the back, you’ll probably want to wear thong-bottom bodysuits. Full-cut bottoms are available for those who are not comfortable in a thong; make sure the size of your bodysuit is correct to prevent panty lines from interrupting the line of your outfit while wearing form-fitting trousers and skirts.

What is the best way to go to the restroom while wearing a bodysuit?

Are you confident in your ability to strip down in the restroom stall? If your bodysuit does not have a snap closure, look for one that does. Typically, one or two little clicks at the crotch of the bodysuit hold it in place. However, other bodysuits work more like a one-piece swimming suit and do not have snaps at the bottom. If you have to go to the toilet, you’ll have to go nude (or do something imaginative). All of the goods featured contain instructions on how to wear the bodysuit, and the majority of websites give information on how to fasten bodysuits. If you’re ever in doubt, have a look at the product reviews or contact customer care for assistance with any queries you may have regarding the specifics of our bodysuits.

Are you losing your grip on reality or feeling like you’re drowning in a sea of fabric?

Sizing is critical when it comes to bodysuits! Since bodysuits must fit from top to bottom, they might be uncomfortable for women with a longer torso. It is possible for those with longer legs and shorter torsos to feel that the straps are excessively lengthy or that the bottom is too baggy in this style. The use of stretchy materials and adjustable straps may assist with this, but don’t be hesitant to size up or down when purchasing a bodysuit to ensure that you receive the proper fit. No one will be the wiser, and you will seem immaculate (as well as comfy)! Use the appropriate prediction tool and product evaluations to get an idea of what size would be the most appropriate for your body type.

Do you use underwear with your bodysuit or just a tank top?

Even while bodysuits are designed to seem like a one-piece swimming suit and have an attached bottom, they may not usually provide the additional support and comfort that wearing a pair of underwear does. If you want to wear underwear with bodysuits, that is entirely up to you.

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