How to Build Brand Awareness with 5 easy tips?

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Brand awareness, all of us have heard this term at some point in your life. But how many of us know what it is? How critical is it for businesses? And how can we improve it? In this article we will talk about the tips to build brand awareness via custom packaging along with all this we will walk through the basics of brand awareness. For you to have better knowledge about this topic we will make sure to go through everything in an easy to understand manner. 

What is Brand awareness?

We will begin by explaining the topic, Brand awareness. Brand awareness is the image or knowledge of the brand and its product that the people have in their mind. This is a very important aspect of a business. A brand awareness in simpler words can be understood with a single word, that is recognition. 

A good example of recognition will be Starbucks. Starbucks has set a standard for coffee and other beverages. For many people coffee is equal to starbucks and vice versa. When we talk about the influence and the choke hold it has on today’s youth, we will be baffled Because at this point of brand awareness, having a starbucks is a status symbol. It is something that people who buy it want to be recognised with a class with a hint of luxury. 

With this example we hope that you understood the meaning as well as the importance of brand awareness. This is why many companies and brands are so much focused on their brand images that will last in the mind of the people with a positive impact. Another good example will be of Fevicol. The product which is sold by this company is adhesive glue. But when we need glue many people will say Fevicol and other people get it as well. This type of brand awareness is the prime and highest point of brand awareness.

So how can product packaging help with all of this? Product packaging is the gold mine of brand recognition. At this age it has become the most important part within the marketing strategy of a business firm. If you are not considering product packaging with the marketing then you are making a huge mistake.

5 ways in which custom packaging helps in building  brand awareness

Necessity is the mother of invention. This is a saying with which everyone will agree to. The product packaging was born out of need to protect the products from being damaged while they were shipped from one place to another. But now, it has become a key element for businesses. Customised packaging has become a new compulsory for all the businesses. Down below we have listed 5 ways through which a custom packaging can help with building brand image :   

  • Increase familiarity – this is something that goes in relation to psychology. We as humans have had this survival instinct since the stone age time that familiar things equals to safety. Even subconsciously we choose to go on the roads we are familiar with, in the same way when we’re talking about brand awareness which deals with the buying instinct of people. All of us have this tendency to buy the products we are familiar with. Which is pretty explainable in itself as this is how a human mind works. 

When we use a customised tape to pack the packages, we must remember that the packages that are packed with a custom printed tape will travel with many people where many people will get familiar with the brand or company name. 

  • Better sales – How can we forget this part everyone and every business out there are trying different tactics to catch the attention of people just so they can make sales. And people do not buy stuff from the places, people and brands that are unknown to them.

This is where our customised products make a difference. A customised packaging that speaks about your brand without any sales person around, an effective packaging will itself act as a silent salesman and sell itself.

  • Personalised experience – This point is something that makes a high end brand different from a regular one. The essence of personality that your brand has will have an impressive effect on a customer who has bought your product. It is important to think that even before the customer uses or even touches your products. They see and touch the custom corrugated boxes that hold your products.

When a person will feel like he/she is being heard then we can expect them to buy from the same company again and again.

  • Safe and secure – We don’t want our customers to get damaged or tampered goods or products. Receiving tampered products will not only ruin the customer experience but also their trust with the brand. All the efforts that we made starting from the product idea to actual product being delivered to the customer gets ruined. 

The custom printed tape will help with theft and tampering issues. When you pack your products with the custom tape with logo of your brand then you can prevent the losses. As you will know that if the product was tampered while the tape was intacted then it will be someone who has access to the tape, or if the package was tampered with the tape being replaced with another then the person who has done this might be from some third party. 

  • Informative – A customised package can be more than just pretty and beautiful; it can be informative as well. When we talk about what a customised product packaging can deliver. For example, if you are a brand which believes in using organic sources for your food products then you should write about it on the package of your product. When you tell your target audience about how you are concerned about the issues, especially the ones which are the same as yours. They feel heard and valued which is crucial while we build the relationship with our customer.  

In the end 

We have talked about brand awareness in this article and we have discussed the basics of brand awareness, its importance and how you can build it with 5 easy tips. We hope that you were able to get all the things that you needed with the help of this article.

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