How Technology Is Empowering Legal Awareness: An Analysis

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Technology by definition is considered one of the strongest tools as far as democracy is concerned. We have seen rights movements and how they have been amplified on search engines and social media in the recent past. 

The positive role of technology in imparting legal awareness cannot be denied. Being legally aware is something all normal individuals should aspire and aim for. This is in stark contrast to earlier times where you had to physically contact a lawyer or attorney. 

Legal awareness has also been given the name of ‘public legal education’. In this article, we are going to look at how technology is empowering legal awareness in modern societies. If you are interested in knowing improving your legal awareness, you should read till the end. 

Understanding the Legal System in Modern Societies

Every modern society aims to function through a set of written or unwritten laws. These laws, mostly in the form of rules and regulations help bring order and structure to our lives. It outlines two major things- 

  1. What can be done, and;
  2. What should not be done? 

Any country’s legal system aims to bring justice and fairness to individual citizens. It seeks to ensure that no individual’s right is infringed by someone else. However, while the legal system aims to do all this, understanding its complicated processes has not always been easy. 

This is where normal individuals have predominantly relied upon legal experts. Lawyers and attorneys have occupied the position of expertise to make sense of complicated wordings of the law. Judges in our Courts have been tasked with interpretations of the law in set situations. 

Experts recommend that since the legal system affects normal individuals, they should be aware of its existence and workings. Compare this to doctors and your health condition. There is an understanding of what is good for your health and what is not. Sadly, the same cannot be said about legal awareness. 

5 Ways Technology is Empowering Legal Awareness

1. Social Media (YouTube Videos)- 

Social media is emerging as a critical driver that is promoting legal awareness. The Barnes Firm commercial and its informative videos, for example, are a great way of understanding the basics of legal issues. This can help make individuals realize legal issues like steps to be taken following a car accident, or what they should be doing following a slip-and-fall accident. 

2. Search Engines (Blog Pages of Legal Firms and Lawyers)- 

For law firms and attorneys, their website’s blog pages are a great way of spreading credibility and awareness. It not only allows them to establish their expertise but also educates their audiences. A simple Google search can help you improve your legal awareness. There are so many resources on website blogs and platforms that you will be satisfied with your understanding. 

3. Online Teleconferencing with Legal Experts- 

Seeking physical appointments with lawyers is thankfully not the only way you can get an audience with them. With the growth in video conferencing technology, most attorneys and law firms are not offering online consultations. This makes it easier and convenient to reach out to legal experts and start getting solutions to their legal problems on an immediate basis. 

4. Getting Legal Paperwork and Contracts done online- 

In recent years, there have been online legal start-ups that are making it possible to get legal documentation done easily. You can get your contracts made online, resolve taxation issues as well as file company incorporation papers. This is something that is reducing the barriers to legal awareness. The success of these platforms is a testament to that. 

5. Community platforms like Quora, Reddit, and Medium- 

The internet has been a rich repository of knowledge in practically every field. The same goes for legal education as well. Online Q and A platforms like Quora, Reddit, and others have come to the aid of normal individuals who are looking to get basic answers to legal questions. There is a rich combination of legal students, established attorneys, and rights bodies on these platforms. 

The Bottom Line

While technology has been playing a role in all major fields, its impact on spreading legal awareness has been most meaningful. However, there is no substituting for the fact that when it comes to getting the best legal approach, you should always depend on trained and experienced attorneys and firms. If you have any other questions, that you would like us to discuss on legal awareness, let us know in the comments below. 

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