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Businesses depend heavily on websites for generating leads from the traffic flowing to the website. Although traffic generation precedes lead generation, it will be wrong to think that more traffic translates into more leads. Implementing a solid SEO agency campaign starts the organic traffic flow, followed by lead generation. The focus should be on quality and not on quantity to get the right conversions that increase sales. 

To get the most from the traffic reaching the website, it is important to ensure that the traffic is qualified. The people reaching the website have a specific purpose and intention of meaningfully interacting with the brand or business. To get professional SEO services you can seek a company like Livelongdigital that helps businesses to grow online. Businesses can take help from a reliable SEO company for proper guidance in website optimization to filter out unwanted traffic and ensure that only qualified traffic reaches the website that triggers qualified leads, 

Here are some techniques that can ensure qualified lead generation.

Create mobile-friendly websites

 As mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches, Google has turned its focus on mobile-friendly websites and even gone to implement mobile-first indexing. Businesses must have mobile-friendly websites to reach out to the largest audience, tap into new markets, and tread uncharted territories to expand the customer base. Now that Google’s mobile-first indexing is in place, the importance of mobile-friendly websites has gone up many more times. Today, Google’s primary focus is on mobile devices when indexing websites and desktops are second preference only.

Responsive design helps create websites that display satisfactorily on all mobile devices irrespective of the screen sizes and desktops. Gone are the days when you needed to have separate websites for mobiles and desktops.

As people are more comfortable accessing websites from mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly website increases the engagement rate and ensures that qualified traffic reaches the website, triggering qualified leads.

Create targeted landing pages

The biggest challenge for marketers is to grab the audience’s attention as the span of attention is reducing very fast. People cannot concentrate on a webpage for more than 8 seconds, within which marketers must drive home the message. The task is quite challenging indeed.  The content must be precise, that the small window of attention should be enough for the audience to comprehend it.   

To generate qualified leads by overcoming the hurdles of a short attention span, marketers must make the best use of targeted landing pages. The better you understand your audience and customer personas easier it becomes to create targeted landing pages to cater to specific customer personas.  Since the pages are created with specific customers in mind, it contains more detailed information about the products or services that help make a solid pitch to motivate customers to move toward conversion quickly as they have higher intent of buying.

Landing pages usually pop up, and some are even full pages that appear on the screen as soon as users click on a button or a link in any mail or ad on social media. Studies show that by using landing pages conversion rate can go up by 15%.

Conduct an SEO audit for your website

Although the overall website performance might be satisfactory, there is always enough scope for improving the rate of qualified lead generation by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the website by conducting an SEO audit. The SEO audit scrutinizes each website page to ascertain the level of optimization and lead-generating capabilities. It helps to improve the optimization for generating more qualified leads as the pages become more visible to search engines and facilitates better crawling and indexing. It results in a significant improvement in ranking that paves the way for more qualified traffic to reach the website and generate more qualified leads. The audit focuses on SEO aspects from keywords to website speed that helps create a roadmap for garnering more qualified leads much faster and more efficiently.

Since SEO audit is highly technical, you must outsource the service to some reliable SEO agencies that can do complete justice to the job. There are several companies that have trained professionals to handle specific requirements. Investing in a specialist will be one of the best business decisions that you can make for your brand. The results will make it all the more evident.

Use both gated and ungated content

To accelerate the speed of lead generation with a focus on qualified leads, marketers use gated content that requires visitors to complete a subscription form or share their email addresses to become eligible to consume the content. The strategy is to use the content as a lead generation tool while gathering valuable information about users in the process.  Most of the gated content is downloadable, like white papers or e-books, but other types of content can also work well depending on the marketing goals.  Gated content is highly prevalent in the B2B industry that considers it a valuable marketing asset. However, gated content is effective only at certain marketing funnel stages, like the awareness, consideration, and decision-making stages.

Alongside gated content, marketers also use ungated content or free content for unconditional viewing, and there must be the correct balance of the two. Excessive use of gated content can turn away users who might feel stifled by the conditions attached to viewing content.

Use client testimonials

Since conversion is the ultimate goal by riding on the plank of qualified leads, there is much need for gaining visitors’ trust so that there is an increased likelihood of conversion. One of the most convincing methods of gaining the trust of visitors or prospects is to treat them with client testimonials and, if possible along with a photo of the client.  Choose some of the most convincing testimonials for displaying on the website to generate instant trust that passes on the brand.

Seek the permission of selected clients to use their testimonials, and you can even insist on using some videos they share with you because it is more appealing and trustworthy.  But make sure that the testimonials are genuine and verifiable.

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