How Hashtag Aggregator Can Help Your Business in Digital Marketing

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When we talk about social media, we instantly envision a massive platform with many users who post all kinds of content on their social media handles, be it in the form of images, videos, reviews, gifs, etc. 

As the marketing trends started shifting, businesses too started adopting various social media platforms for their promotions. 

Businesses started using social media content as part of their marketing strategy, but manually collecting posts to display on their website can be quite tedious. In such situations, aggregators came out as the perfect solution which collects content at once as per the requirements. 

What Are Hashtag Aggregators?

Those who use social media daily or frequently must be aware of how posts are incomplete without hashtags. After every post, we are likely to see the hashtag – # sign which users or brands mainly use to increase the visibility of their posts. Hashtags are used to segregate the content on social media. 

Using hashtag aggregators and putting up the content on the website is a great digital marketing strategy as it helps you collect all the required content at once. It is an amazing way that saves time and helps you easily collect the content, which is mainly customer or User-Generated. 

How Can Hashtag Aggregators Help Businesses

#1 Helps In Increasing Engagement

Collecting content using hashtags and uploading it on the website is an amazing way to increase user engagement. As mentioned above, hashtags are mostly dominated by User-Generated content. Therefore, when you display what your customers are saying about the brand, it will instil more interest and confidence in your visitors, leading to more engagement. 

If you have conducted a hashtag campaign before as a part of your promotional strategy on social media and seen a tremendous and engaging response from your audience, then showcasing the content on your website would surely instil more interest in your visitors. 

#2 Saves The Time & Efforts  

There is never an hour when social media rests. Due to its worldwide popularity and users belonging to different time zones, the social media platforms are active at all times. It becomes difficult and almost impossible to collect hashtag-generated content from all the platforms in such a situation. 

Hashtag aggregator can save your time and efforts by effortlessly collecting all the content and updating automatically. All you have to do is select your preferred social media platforms, and the rest will be done! 

#3 Improves Brand Presence

Your branded hashtag can help you improve your brand visibility and presence. When your customers use your brand hashtag in their posts, they improve your brand visibility since they publish the content publicly, and your potential customers may be their followers. 

The more content published by your users using the hashtag, the better your brand awareness and presence. 

#4 Gain The Trust Of Your Users 

When you showcase your hashtag branded content and the content generated by your followers and users on your website, you give your potential customers and website visitors a chance to trust your brand and try out your products and services since your potential customers will not trust your branded content more than the content generated and created by your existing customers. 

#5 Increases Your Brand’s Reach

As mentioned above, since social media is vast with multiple platforms, hashtag aggregators target all the platforms and collect content from all the major platforms, leading to an increase in your brand’s reach. 

After collecting the content and displaying it on the website, your potential customers also get motivated to follow you on social media and engage more with your brand. 

#6 Build A Better Relationship With Your Users

When you display content showing User-Generated content on your website, you encourage other users to participate too since all your users would like to be featured on your website. In return, you will create a closer relationship with your existing customers. 

When they see their content on your website, they would be elated and start seeing your brand in a different light. They would see your brand as more friendly and open to reviews and testimonials. 

Summing It Up

Using Hashtag aggregators is a new concept adopted by brands as a part of their digital marketing strategy. It easily helps them segregate the content without doing it manually and offers many other benefits like increasing brand awareness, brand presence, and visibility. 

It also provides an opportunity for brands to build a relationship with their customers and also helps in gaining their trust. 

To achieve the aforementioned, all you require is a responsive and exceptional hashtag aggregator that will seamlessly collect the hashtag feed, curate it as per your needs and requirements and embed it easily on your website!  

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