Green Moving: 5 Tips for Eco-Friendly Relocation

Green Moving

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We move across countries, and the planet pays the price. 

The environmental footprint of international relocation is quite high. Although recyclable options are easily available, we choose unsustainable ways due to lack of awareness. In this article, we tell you all the ways you can move while being environment friendly. 

Pick up your notebook, and let’s get started! 

1. Use Eco-Friendly Material for Packing Things 

Even if you are planning for an international relocation, you can always use eco-friendly stuff for packing things. Just focus on buying biodegradable and recyclable supplies. Some examples are given below: 

Cardboard Boxes: Used cardboard boxes are easily available. Do not buy the new ones. Purchase the preloved boxes in good condition. You can use the new ones 4-5 times. So, if you are buying the used boxes in good condition, they are good to be used for at least 2 times. 

Note: After using the boxes, make sure to drop them at a recycling center. 

Packing Peanuts: you will require some amount of packing peanuts for the fragile goods. But, make sure to buy the biodegradable ones. They are made from cornstarch and vegetable oil. 

Plastic Bin: Yes, plastic has many adverse environmental impacts. But, I am suggesting recyclable plastic. Thankfully, you can use it up to 400 times. In this way, it turns out to be an eco-friendly investment. 

Eco-friendly Bubble Wrap: Make sure to use the bubble wrap made from polythene. These wraps are 100% recyclable and are eco-friendly. 

But, before buying these items, look into the stuff that you already have. There are plenty of things that help pack goods. Some of them include: 

  • Reusable tote bags of grocery 
  • Drawer dressers
  • Suitcases
  • A duffel and gym bag
  • Plastic bins

Think smartly and try to pack up stuff in the things you have instead of purchasing. For instance, cover the washroom bin with a fresh plastic bag and store under the sink items in it. Similarly, use pillow covers for keeping small kitchen items and dressing table stuff. 

2. Be Careful in Disposing Hazardous Goods 

The worst part of moving house is the disposable of hazardous goods. Regrettably, we do not dispose of such items in an eco-friendly manner. For those who rely on moving companies, note that they do not transport such items for you. Therefore, you need to move them in an eco-friendly manner. If you have no clue about it, read below: 

What is the Hazardous Material? 

Hazardous materials include all chemicals and cleaning supplies of your home. For instance, pesticides, bathroom cleaners, acids, chemicals, gasoline, motor oil, diesel fuel, fertilizers, etc. 

How to Dispose of Hazardous Material? 

  • Make sure to keep them in original containers. 
  • Check out the laws related to hazardous material.
  • Never remove the label. 
  • Never through them directly. 
  • Drop it to the nearest hazard waste facility center. 
  • If the containers are empty, rinse them multiple times before throwing them. 

If you are still confused, you can contact the Environment Protection Agency of your area for further advice. 

3. Help Nature by Donating, Selling, and Sending Things as Gift

Decluttering is another essential step towards green moving. You must be wondering how purging your home of unnecessary items can contribute towards an eco-friendly move? If you sell, donate, or send things as a gift, there will be less clutter. Additionally, when you have fewer items at home, recycling becomes easier. 


You can send items that are in good condition to your friends and family members. In this way, others can also have ideas of giving gifts during a house move. Thus, the overall environment will benefit. 


Besides saving the environment, you can do something better for humanity. For this, you can search for some charity houses and contact the underprivileged directly. Some charity houses can even pick up goods from your house. 


Selling things is a good option for buying eco-friendly packing material. Take pictures and upload them on social media channels, websites, and blogs. Within a few days, you can collect a good amount in exchange for your goods. 

4. Search for the Best Eco-Friendly Moving Company 

There are tons of moving companies, but only a house removalist from Canberra cares about environment-friendly practices. For ensuring a green move, search for the one that gives prime importance to sustainability. For this, you can follow the below tips:

  • Search online for companies that prioritize eco-friendly moving.
  • Check out the ratings and see if former consumers have talked about green moving. 
  • Narrow down your option and talk to the customer service representative. 
  • Ask for the things they do to ensure a green move. 
  • Never trust vague answers like, “yes, we take care of the environment.” 
  • There should be solid answers like what material they use, how many trips they take, and how do they dispose of the hazardous waste? 
  • A green mover will always give complete details about eco-friendly practices. 

Now, let us see some common practices of green movers. Knowledge about these will help you in evaluating the best company:

  • They use fuel-efficient and modern vehicles for fewer emissions. 
  • They easily take back the extra packing material. 
  • They always use eco-friendly packing material. 
  • They use trucks with biodiesel. 

5. Stay Green Even after the Move 

Undoubtedly, after making all of the above efforts, you deserve a lot of praise. But is it the end to all eco-friendly practices? No! 

Even after you move, you have to take acute care of the environment. For this, you can take the below steps: 

  • Do not throw the cardboard boxes; store them for the next time. 
  • Use your plastic bins for storage. 
  • If your packing material is in good condition, post about it in different groups. 
  • Use eco-friendly supplies for cleaning your new home. For instance, using baking soda or a solution of vinegar with water is ideal for getting rid of dust and grime. 
  • Conserve energy by using LED lights. 

Choose To Be Eco-Friendly When Relocating 

So, planning a green move is not difficult. With just a few steps, you can make a positive contribution to the environment. Firstly, search for some eco-friendly supplies for packing your things. Also, be very careful in disposing of hazardous waste. Apart from it, you can sell things, give them as a gift, or donate them to the poor. In this way, you will have fewer things to dispose of. If you need help from a professional, you can also hire a company. But, make sure that it follows all the eco-friendly practices. Lastly, do not end your eco-friendly activities here. Even after you move, take care of things like using led bulbs, reusing the cardboards, and keeping the packaging material for next time. Looking for Reliable NYC movers? Strive to be the cheapest, most reliable moving company in New York.

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