What is Google Nest Wifi & how does the network work?

Google Nest Wifi

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Are you considering getting Google Nest Wifi? Here’s what he’s doing

What is Google Nest Wifi?

Google Nest Wifi is a networked network system. It basically connects to your existing router to give you a strong Wi-Fi connection throughout the house. When moving cameras, the idea is to move perfectly to the next network node without physically changing the network.

However, a mesh network system is only worth it if you have a large house (one with several bedrooms). This case, it may be better to just buy a more powerful router.

Network devices are expandable so you can use them in many of them. It can also handle multiple devices, which means you can stream to the living room and kitchen while someone plays in the basement – and there should be no Wi-Fi competition or bandwidth competition.

How does the Google Wi-Fi network work?

Basically, you put several of these “nodes” in your house that act as a single network. Primary node connects directly to modem – usually the router provided by your ISP – but turn off your own radio router.

Then turn on the other nodes in optimal positions around your home and set them up using the special Google Home app.

When you’re done, you’ll receive a Wi-Fi signal everywhere, from the bathroom to the basement. Think of Google Nest Wifi as an extensible system for better coverage. Instead of one router, several routers work together to provide a fast network throughout your home.

In essence, it provides network-like coverage, so blackheads in your connectivity are avoided. Due to the way the network works, routers determine which device your device needs to connect to to continue this seamless connectivity.

So, if you stand up or behind the house, the cover should not be removed and you will not have to manually select the secondary node from the phone’s WiFi settings menu.

How many nodes do you need?

If you have a smaller house (up to 1,500 square feet), Google recommends that you start with a single Google Nest Wifi. However, we say that if you use only one, you should upgrade your router instead.

A mesh network comes into play when you need much more coverage. If you have several floors, it is worth investing in at least two of them: one for ground floor and one for the first floor. Google offers a set of three packages covering up to 4500 square meters.

What else can Google Wifi do?

Network Assistant

Google Nest Wifi has feature called “Network Assistant” that lets you actively manage and optimize your network behind scenes, so you don’t have to make any settings. Like other mesh devices, it maintains strong signal strength in every corner of your home, bringing your device to best node for less congestion and better speed.

Planned break

Google Nest Wifi also has feature called Scheduled Pause. You can turn off the internet in your home. You can automatically turn off Wi-Fi for everyday events, such as bedtime or homework so your kids can focus better, according to Google.

But we believe that in the end you will only upset your loved ones. However, Google has noticed that people have trouble falling asleep at night because they check their emails and surf the internet. And many people inside and outside of Google told the company that screen time is a particularly common challenge for parents – “from asking their kids to play their favorite game to fighting for dinner without their eyes glued to their devices.”

With the help of Google Wifi, parents can now instruct their system to shut down at a certain time in their daily schedule. When the time comes, the router will turn off the internet for certain devices so that they can continue to go online while their children walk and fight in the other room.

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