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FIBC bags are considered as very useful while we think to store the various food items or to transport them. These bags are also known as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. These types of bags are easily used as they have the qualities of lifting, filling, and also as discharge. The Customers can easily choose these bags according to their requirements. When anyone wants to select the FIBC Jumbo bags then they must aware of the purposes and uses of these bags in detail.

Know the Types of FIBC Bags?

These bags are also very popular as PP Jumbo Bags and there are various uses of them. When we speak about the types of these bags then they are available accordingly to the requirements. Some of the major types of FIBC bags are below mentioned.


While comparing these bags with other types of bags then these bags are much superior to them. While making these bags two parts of fabrics are swinging together after that the fabric resembles a U Shape. This bag rises to a square shape when the goods are loaded in these U-Panel bags. 


The lowest category of these FIBC bags is Circular FIBC bags. When we load the goods in these types of bags then they start to lose their shapes and while producing the bags it is undertaken on the loom resembling a tube. When any kind of weight is put in the Circular FIBC bags then it starts to bulge out in the middle. 


Baffle Bag is considered one of the best bags in FIBC bags. The shape of the baffle bags remains proper when we put any item or weight in the bag. Every time a baffled bag is prepared then they are stitched from every corner which makes them very useful for various uses. 


These types of FIBC bags are manufactured with four parts of fabrics which make all the sides of the bag along with the bottom. These things are followed by most of the FIBC bags manufacturers while producing these Four-Panel FIBC bags. To provide higher resistance against the loading items stretching the stitching is done properly. The shape of the bags remains the same even loading the weight in it. 

What are the Advantages of PP Jumbo Bags?

Nowadays the PP Jumbo Bags are widely used in various industries due as they have lots of advantages. Some of the major advantages of PP Jumbo Bags are mentioned below.

Very Cost-Effective

The labor cost can be effectively reduced by using the FIBC bags. These bags are known to be very low-cost effective bags while comparing them with other bags. The cost of these bags can easily be identified by lifting a single bag or dumps and even we can easily understand by disposing of these bags.

Improved Safety

The chances of getting injured are very bright when workers move materials in bulk like drums or bags. But this can be reduced while using the FIBC bulk bags as there will be a need for mechanical machinery like forklift and pallet jack for moving the bags. These bags can easily reduce the manual worker’s involvement which also increases their safety. 


A large number of products can be shipped very easily at a very low cost as these FIBC bags come with huge capacity. The bag positioning and stacking can be done effortlessly while comparing it to other smaller bags. 

What are the Characteristics of FIBC Bags?

There are some major benefits of the PP Jumbo bags which are below mentioned. All of the features of these bags make them very useful to use. Let’s understand some of the characteristics of PP Jumbo Bags.

  • These bags can be very easily recycled to use in the future. Every bags are Eco-Friendly and all of them are very useful.
  • You will find various types of filling options in these bags like Open Top, Filling Spout, and Flap. These bags are selected by the Customers as per their requirements.
  • To transport food-related items these types of packaging bags are known to be most suitable.
  • Every PP Jumbo bag is prepared with a unique safe working load figure. These bags can carry the load as per the requirement and the products which are filled in.
  • To store the Hazardous materials the different types of non-certified bags are used and most Industries are opting for these types of bags.

What things can Store in FIBC Bags?

There are a lot of things that can be stored in FIBC bags. 

  • Food Products
  • Chemicals
  • Seeds
  • Fertilizers
  • Construction Materials

 Best PP Jumbo Bag Manufacturer

When we speak about the best PP Jumbo Bag Manufacturer then Singhal Industries is best in the same. Our industry is regularly producing high-quality Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. Bags made by our company can easily carry the weight from 500 Kgs to 2000 Kgs. These bags are manufactured with a good quality of polypropylene woven fabrics. Whenever any organizations want to buy FIBC bags then they contact our industries as we produce the best bags while comparing to other manufacturers. In today’s article, you must have learned about what FIBC bags are and why these bags are more useful.

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