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Etrix clone script

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The Etrix MLM clone script runs seamlessly on the Ethereum blockchain network. Users of the platform can earn up to 806 ETH in just 90 days. 

The key aspects of the Etrix Smart Contract MLM Clone Script are 

  • The presence of three different matrix schemes, Forced, Team, and Hybrid. 
  • Forced matrix has a binary tree structure and at least two people must be referred to earn commission in the first level.  
  • The Team matrix needs two direct referrals and the members have to always be ahead of their downline to get the entire upline as a commission. 
  • A Hybrid matrix is a combination of the forced and the team matrix. Each successive referral made by the user will upgrade the level of the members and they will earn more commission. 
  • Integration with leading digital wallets like MetaMask for desktop users and Trust wallet for mobile users ensuring smooth fund management by the members of the platform. Numerous payment gateways are also available on the Etrix MLM clone script.
  • Interruption-free business operations are ensured by the robust Ethereum smart contract.
  • Works glitch-free across various devices and operating platforms.
  • Has a strong operating capacity and can handle up to 10 million users at a time without facing any issue.
  • Multilingual technical support is provided 24×7 to the users.
  • A high level of security is ensured for the members of the platform as there is no chance of hacking or phishing attacks to occur.
  • Customization in the fees charged for each level, the number of days for each scheme, and the total earnings.

How to use the Etrix MLM Clone Script?

  • Users have to register on the platform and pay the minimum amount of 0.08 ETH to activate their account.
  • Whenever they get a new user to sign up on the platform by making a referral, they will receive some amount of ETH.
  • Once two members have been referred, the money is directly credited to the Ethereum digital wallet of the user.
  • This will help in unlocking the second level of the matrix and they will get upgraded from the first level to earn twice the money.
  • The entire cycle lasts for 90 days. The period of any level can be extended by the users. 

The main advantages provided by the Etrix Smart Contract MLM Clone Script

  • A decentralized peer to peer network ensures the highest level of transparency on the platform.
  • Immutability in the blockchain network ensures the protection of the data of the users without any chances of manipulation.
  • There is no possibility of fraud or scam. The safety of the funds of the users is guaranteed on the platform. 
  • Existing users can easily share the referral link with new users resulting in quicker onboarding.
  • Peer to peer transactions is processed instantly leading to faster settlement.
  • Commission and bonuses are paid on time to the users.
  • A small initial investment is enough to fetch greater returns for the members.
  • The operating costs are low without any human intervention and due to 100% automation. 
  • It supports the successful execution of crowdfunding campaigns. 

The different levels in the Etrix MLM Clone Script

  • In the first level, there are two partners and one downline will buy from you.
  • The second level has four partners and two downlines will buy from you.
  • The third level consists of eight partners and three downlines will purchase from you.
  • In the fourth level, 16 partners will be present and four downlines will purchase from you.
  • The fifth level contains 32 partners and five downlines will buy from you.
  • In the sixth level, there will be 64 partners and six downlines will purchase from you.

The importance of the Smart contract in the Etrix Smart Contract MLM Clone Script

  • It stores all the data of the users and prevents any unauthorized access. They are immutable and fully tamper-proof.
  • The referrals made by the existing users can be invited directly into the smart contracts. This ensures that no referral links are needed from the website.
  • The smart contracts ensure no disruption in the operations. There is no control by any central authority. 
  • All the trades are self-executed and there is no external interference in the processing of transactions on the platform.
  • The Ethereum smart contracts have been thoroughly audited and are free from any technical bugs. 

Compelling reasons to choose us for getting the Etrix MLM Clone Script

  • Complete customization is ensured to fulfill the business requirements of the firm successfully.
  • Cutting-edge blockchain technology is used to create top-notch solutions.
  • The team members involved in project development have immense industry experience and a proven track record.
  • The solutions are easy to use and highly affordable.
  • The development methodology is result-oriented ensuring perfect satisfaction of the business goals.
  • The solution can be tested fully in the free demo before purchasing it.
  • The Etrix Smart contract MLM clone script can be quickly launched in the market providing a competitive advantage.

As seen above, the Etrix MLM clone script leads to a greater inflow of revenue in a short time ensuring rapid growth and development of the business. The market trends are highly favourable now for cryptocurrency-based solutions and this is the right time to procure the Etrix Smart contract MLM clone script. 

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