Essential Social Media Marketing Statistics to Know

Social Media Marketing Statistics

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Social media marketing statistics, social media is everywhere, but it has different forms. All these different social media forms and channels generate lots of data, and these data points help derive facts. Whenever there is a need to start any social media campaign, the marketers rely on statistics and facts. Having good knowledge about these things helps social media marketing teams to choose the right platform and create an intriguing strategy. 

Today, social media has become an integral part of communications and relations; people rely mainly on these platforms to stay updated and interact with their friends and favorite things. As a result, social media popularity is multiplying every day. There are many reasons for this increase in popularity. One of the primary ones is that social media accounts are easy to access, and anyone can do it with an internet connection. 

Before choosing a social media platform for your business, you need to know its effectiveness and measure it by the numbers. This is where the statistics and facts help. In this post, you’ll learn about some essential statistics about social media marketing.

Let’s start off this journey by learning some vital smartphone statistics.

Staggering Smartphone Statistics

Rise In In-app Advertising

The number of smartphone users is increasing, and when users grow, the usage of applications will surely increase. This is the reason for the rising market share of in-app advertising. In 2018, this was around $67 billion. Though it is an excellent hefty figure, it is expected to cross the $201 billion mark by the end of 2021. It is currently growing with a CAGR of 19.4%, and the predictions show it will surely touch this mark. 

China Leads Mobile Users

As China has a large population, it leads the smartphone and internet users market. Statistics show that 99.3% of Chinese internet traffic comes from mobile devices. This is a massive opportunity for every social media marketer. 

People Are Addicted

Smartphones and social media platforms have become an inevitable part of people’s lives. It has become an activity that you people cannot stop doing, and this is why average users check their phones 58 times every day for news, messages, calls, or whatever other reason. 

Having known some great statistics about the device, let’s explore the statistics about the social media platforms and applications that reside in them. 

Time for some Youtube Statistics

Taking a look at youtube statistics is important because it is the world’s number one video-sharing social platform. It started in 2005 and was bought by Google seeing its potential in the marketing segment. 

Everyone Loves It

Youtube is an excellent website; statistics show everyone loves it way too much; it is the most visited site in the world with 2 billion active users every month. In the US alone, it is the second most visited media platform. 

Mobile Is King

Even though youtube started out as a web application, most of its traffic today comes from mobile devices. Youtube’s internal statistics show that the company receives 70% of its traffic requests from smartphones and other mobile devices like tablets. 

Youtube Is For Learning

Youtube is filled with great tutorials of anything you want. You can learn cooking, software development, home decor, designing anything you name it, youtube has a tutorial for you. Due to this vast information and tutorial availability, Indian users, who form 9.2% of youtube’s audience, use it primarily to learn new things.

Video Quality Matters

If you are looking to utilize youtube for your product’s marketing, you should not overlook this stat. To rank your business’s video on the first result page, you must make a high-quality professional marketing video. 68% of youtube’s first page videos have HD or higher resolution. So it is tough competition here, and one of the critical ingredients to rank better is to hire professional videography services to make your business videos. 

After knowing some fantastic statistics about youtube, it is time that we know another social media giant, Instagram.

Interesting Instagram Statistics

Instagram is a relatively new social media platform, but this does not stop it from being popular. It has garnered over a billion active users in a short span, which is an excellent thing for any social media platform. Moreover, with its innovative features, it is constantly changing the social media marketing landscape. Here are some relevant Instagram statistics.

Young People Use The Most

Out of the billion users of Instagram, most of its users belong to the age group of 18-34. This age group is a sweet target audience for every business, and with Instagram, you can reach out to them pretty effectively. 

As a business, you need a social media platform with like-minded people, and Instagram fits best here. It allows you to create business pages where you can post regularly and attract this young target audience to your business. 

New Products Are Explored Everyday

One of the cool features of Instagram is that it allows business owners to upload their products and redirect Instagram traffic to the shop. Almost 60% of people have admitted to discovering new products on Instagram. This is a perfect statistic to keep in mind while running marketing campaigns. 

As you can place the products and redirect traffic, you can generate more sales and revenue for your business, resulting in your growth. 

Business Profiles Are A Hit

Business profiles are a hit among the Instagram community; 200 million users come across at least one business profile every day. It’s pretty motivating. Moreover, 33% of the most-viewed stories on the platform belong to business profiles. 

If you have a quirky business video idea, go the extra mile and implement it; who knows, the next viral video might reside on your business profile. 

Influencer Marketing Is The New Trend

With the rise of Instagram, many people have grabbed the opportunity to become famous and influential. Such people have a large fan following on social media platforms, and their actions can trigger reactions among their fans. 

If these influencers promote a product, their fans will definitely set out to buy it, resulting in increased sales for the business. Influencer marketing is a new social media marketing method, and 69% of marketers are looking to include this in their marketing strategies. 

Having known about the two best social media marketing channels, let’s have a look at social media marketing statistics in general. 

Social Media Marketing Statistics

Marketing Is Effective

There have been many marketing channels throughout history, but none of them have gained such traction in a short time. 73% of social media marketers and managers believe that social media has upscaled their marketing game, and it has been effective since day one. 

Social media marketing is, and the results are pretty good if you compare them with other marketing channels. You just need to be patient for the results to show up. 

Customer Experience Matters

Typically, people think customer experience matters only while you host a brand website, but it is quite different today. Many people use social media platforms to check out brands and products first. So if you are able to provide a good customer experience and interaction on your social media platform, you’ll surely reap the benefits of increased sales and traffic. 

If you can provide a good customer experience, 71% of customers are willing to recommend your business to their friends. 

Multiple platforms Are Better Than One.

Most people have confirmed that relying on multiple social media platforms is better than one. All social media statistics like Twitter statistics, Reddit statistics, and twitch statistics show that major business profiles on their platform utilize other social media platforms too. 

If you find it difficult to generate traffic on one platform, you can quickly jump to another one when you’ve established profiles on multiple platforms. 

Closing this journey of fascinating statistics, every business needs to establish an online presence, and if you are a product-based business, it becomes inevitable. Without social media, it will be hard to generate quality leads and traffic for your website. Moreover, your business growth will feel lagging. So keep these statistics in mind and employ them to your benefit. 

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