7 Tips to Boost Your Email Marketing Automation Strategy

Email Marketing Automation Strategy

Last Updated on July 8, 2024 by Team Experts

2.4 million emails are sent, in every single second across the globe. We all know that email marketing is one of the oldest and the most respectable marketing campaigns. Email marketing is the ultimate weapon in your marketing strategy.

There is an immense rise in social media platforms, but the businesses that want to attract and retain customers are still giving priority to email marketing. Nearly 81% of small and large businesses rely on email marketing. With these facts and figures keep in mind that you can attract customers to your business with email marketing automation strategy. 

What is Email Marketing Automation?

The word “Automation” itself refers to automatically sending emails to your targeted prospects and customers according to the predefined action you did.

Email marketing automation helps you to personalize your messages, to create specific purposes and feature tools that often work with automation features.

Let us take one example. You’re a service based industry, your potential customers have signed in your application or website but they have not yet taken any service from your company. In that case you can set a trigger message by explaining the benefits of your service and can also add instructions for how to get the service. This kind of email marketing strategy will onboard your customers. 

When should you Implement Email Marketing Strategy? 

Email marketing is basically for B2B and B2C businesses.

For B2B businesses:

  • When your customers have started reading your blogs, start following social media channels.
  • When visitors visit your landing page but don’t submit the contact us form.
  • At the time when visitors have downloaded various pieces of content from the landing pages but never contacted you directly.

For B2C Industry:

  • When visitors have visited your online store, but did not add anything in their cart.
  • When customers have loaded their cart, but did not purchase anything from it.
  • When a customer purchases anything from your online store.

Email marketing automation can apply across different stages of customer journey through emails like welcome email, follow-up email, feedback emails, survey emails or promotional emails too with relevant offers and deals.

Here are the 7 Tips for Your Email Marketing Automation Campaigns:

1. Choose Email Marketing Automation Tool

Choose wisely. You first need to choose the email marketing tool to excellent your marketing strategy. Go for the platform which has kept your prospective customers at heart and check what works for you. 

While selecting the tool you should look for credibility, reliability and ongoing demand of the tool. If you don’t keep this thing in mind then there is a possibility that your email might land in the spam folder and create a low conversion rate.

2. Prepare List of Targeted Audiences

It is not possible to send the email to any random person that will not create any impression, in fact you’ll lose your brand value. To save yourself and your business it is mandatory to target the audience and then share the email to them.

The reason is, the audience you’ll target will benefit from your product or service. It will also help you to understand the different audiences that are attracted to your brand and also gives you the opportunity to target the audience based on their activities and preferences. 

3. Prioritize Your Subject Line

Subject line works like a pen in the book. You might think that it is the easiest feature but it is not, your targeted audience will open your email if they relate the subject line for what they are looking for. 

It shows how you’re approaching your audience through the subject line. The subject line is the most sensitive part of your email. So, it is necessary to trigger those words that cause unnecessary trouble to your email marketing automation strategy.

4. Apply Trial and Error Method

Once you’ve figured out what type of content you’ll add in your email marketing strategy, take the time to play around with that content for a few days. It doesn’t take a designer to create an email format. It is your business, your niche, so create about what works for you and make the best content you are featuring for and complete your mission.

While creating content, you should think about the conclusion of why your audience will remember you once reading your message. Send a follow up email to know what exactly your audience is looking for.

5. Use Analytics to track your progress

Your journey doesn’t end here. Once you’ve shared an email to your targeted audience, a message that is full of engaging content, the next step is to track and test every aspect of your email marketing strategy so that you can figure out the insights that are based on real data and analytics.  

You need to understand the metric and data for your future email marketing strategy. First find the data that quantify the success of our email.  

6. Remove Inactive Users and Clear the List

Use the strategy of adding new customers and deleting the customers who are not responding to your single email. You can send a series of re-engagement emails to the subscriber who has not opened your email once also. 

Nobody likes to say goodbye to their customer but sending a goodbye email will give confirmation to the customer that from now they will not receive any email from your side. Remove inactive users and unsubscribe from your user’s list to boost your email marketing automation strategy. 

7. Stay Updated with the Trend

Email marketing has been in the trend for more than a decade. But that doesn’t mean that nothing has changed in it. However, keeping up with 365-degree changes in email marketing campaigns is the challenging part.

There is no rocket science in keeping yourself familiar with the trend. You just need to apply a trial and error method and look at what works for you and what not! With that, figure out what’s new in the market that you are missing. 

Wrapping Up

Email marketing automation campaigns evolve with each email you send to your audiences. Keeping a record of what works for your campaign and what not will help you to figure out the new successful campaigns. 

Try to act like a human with your customers, connect with them and reach them smartly. Do not try to be pushy, deliver the value. 

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