Top 5 Common eCommerce SEO Problems & How to Fix Them

eCommerce SEO Problems

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We are developing with technology. One of the outcomes of this improvement is the developing opposition withinside the eCommerce industry. The percentage of clients who do their purchasing online has increased, however, the pinnacle online stores need to combat tooth and nail to now no longer be dethroned with the aid of using more youthful companies.

If you aim to attain the rewards of your internet site rating nicely in SERPs, you must recognize a way to maximize the effectiveness of your search engine optimization strategy. That’s why we’ve got determined to percent our case research to teach you a way to keep away from five not unusual place eCommerce search engine optimization mistakes. You can go for the best eCommerce SEO agency to get a better experience.

1. Irrelevant and Low-Quality Backlinks eCommerce Niche: Sports Equipment Store

First, like with all our search engine optimization campaigns, we carried out a hyperlink profile audit to become aware of which hyperlinks might be detrimental to our consumer’s cap potential to set up authority inside their niche. The ideal one-way link profile is made from applicable hyperlinks that offer free to customers and with anchors made from branded, specific match, partial match, and accepted terms. 

To forestall those hyperlinks from hurting our consumer’s internet site, over five months, we up to date disavow documents in Google Search Console several times. 

Domains with a disproportionate variety of links pointing to an unmarried web page. This is the shape of a malicious assault from spammy web websites which might be designed to bring about a guide penalty from Google.

  • Attach texts with focused terms
  • Domains without an authority
  • Low or non-existent visitors of the referring domains
  • While cleaning up our consumer’s oneway link profile, we researched applicable and authoritative web websites ee their enterprise and started constructing new hyperlinks that had been reflective of our consumer’s authority and expertise.

The Results

Increased natural visitors from 21,825 customers in line with month to 43,545

Increased month-to-month sales from £52,587 in line with month to £115,415

2. Poor Index Management eCommerce Niche: Home Improvement Store

Index control includes getting rid of pages that don’t have any fee to a person from Google’s index, that’s a listing of all viable pages it may go back to a person withinside the SERPs.

That’s because, from a person’s perspective, you need to consist of the best URLs which might be pinnacle touchdown pages. Including all pages in your web web page inside Google’s index is visible as ‘index bloating’.

In this case, we found that our consumer had skinny content material pages and tag pages blanketed content material. Whilst  “tag” pages are beneficial for internally linking articles or merchandise, as a touchdown web page, unfortunately, they don’t offer a person any extra fee. 

We need to additionally be aware that search engines like Google and Yahoo have a confined, slow price range to evaluate the greatness of an internet site. This is why it’s critical to set up the maximum treasured pages now no longer to exceed the slow price range, which might harm the internet site’s search engine optimization.

What are the pinnacle pages to no-index?

  • Tag Pages
  • Thin Content Pages
  • Author Pages 
  • Archives Pages
  • Filters
  • Faceted navigation

The Results

Increased month to month natural visitors via way of means of 9.13% 

Increased month to month sales via way of means of 19.87%

Increased rating key phrases from much less than 5k to nearly 15k for the duration of the whole company.

3. E-A-T: Untrustworthy Testimonials eCommerce Niche: Coffee Shop

Search engines degree authority via means of seeking out alerts that display that a website belongs to a straightforward enterprise or professional inside its niche. Within search engine optimization, that is called E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness), and for our consumers, consumers ceose key alerts.

To enhance their E-A-T,  we targeted their testimonials. For a person to enjoy alone, an in-depth testimonial with a complete name & image instills greater self-belief for traffic. However, it’s additionally really well worth understanding that Google loves person-generated keyword-wealthy content material, that’s why it assists you to rank better withinside the SERPs.

The Results

Increased natural visitors via way of means of 249.7% from 6,159 customers to 21,538

Increased rating key phrases from much less than 500 to over 3000

Increased new key-word entries onto the first web page, and featured snippets

4. Cluttered Silos eCommerce Niche: Cooking Equipment Store

After undertaking an on-web web page audit, we determined that one in every one of our customers on Shopify had a couple of merchandise located beneath one-of-a-kind classes which ended in several URLs in several of the identical products. This supposed that merchandise had been similarly down at the web page level. 

We rectified this difficulty via means of first of all ensuring all inner hyperlinks had been clear. Our consumer’s content material silos formerly gave the impression of this: 



On the apex of that, we added filters to all class pages. Why? To maximize the variety of merchandise proven on one web page, make sure our consumer’s internet site intently resembles a functionineComeCommerced streamline the navigation at the web web page. An excellent eCommerce search engine optimization enterprise assists you in this. 

The Results

Increased natural visitors via way of means of 252.24%

Increased the variety of rating key phrases to over 10k

5. Generic Blog Posts eCommerce Niche: Chocolate Shop

Before becoming a member of us, we consumed several weblog posts that mentioned widespread subjects associated with their merchandise. Sadly, they didn’t target the proper sort of key phrases that might aid their money-making eCommerce pages.

We carried out a content material hole evaluation to become aware of possibilities to create new niche-unique posts which might be direct. After getting ready a content material plan for the quarter, we produced sparkling articles with an excessive search engine optimization fee each month. 

As our consumer belongs to a confectionery niche, we progressed the inner linking via means of writing up recipes and such as hyperlinks to the man or woman merchandise pages in the components listing. 

The Results

Increased YOY natural visitors for the Christmas length via way of means of 51.83%

Increased YOY sales via way of means of 72.31%


So go through this article and it can help you get to know about the Top 5  Common eCommerce SEO Problems & How to Fix Them in 2022. You can go through this link to get the best eCommerce SEO agency.

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