Ecommerce Development Trends to Get Success

Ecommerce Development trends

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eCommerce is one of the largest and most progressive industries of the present-day world. Millions of digital commerce platforms enable users to buy products and services without even stepping outside their homes. If you are willing to build your eCommerce platform or already running one, you should follow the latest trends to attract more users. The eCommerce platforms failing to follow the user’s preferences can experience difficulties. It can make it tough to survive the cutthroat competition.

An eCommerce development company can help you create intuitive and engaging platforms to serve the users. They know all the ins and outs of eCommerce development to deliver winning solutions for your business. Today we will discuss a few trends that every modern online store or shopping app should follow to succeed. Before that, let’s find out how eCommerce presents unexceptional opportunities for modern enterprises and startups.

How does custom eCommerce development offer huge opportunities?

  • The studies suggest that more than 90% of retail sales will happen online by 2040.
  • More than 95% of internet users have made online purchases once in their lifetime.
  • Almost 70% of people share their bad experiences with any online store with friends and family.
  • Stores that use multi-step forms gain up to 200% growth in conversions.
  • The eCommerce industry is growing at around 30% per year. It speaks of the potential.
  • Only around 3% of the total visitor converts into a sale for any eCommerce store.
  • An eCommerce store enables your business to serve 24/7.
  • More than 80% of users prefer to compare the deals and prices of products online before buying.
  • More than 70% of users will bounce to a better platform if you fail to deliver a good user experience.
  • You can achieve up to 5 times the growth in conversion using mobile websites and apps.

Industry trends to follow using eCommerce development company

  • Importance to Voice Search

Voice search is gaining significant popularity, and eCommerce development services should not underestimate its importance for your eCommerce store. You can use the services of an eCommerce web development company to add features that enable users to search products using voice search. 

The latest trends show that users prefer to shop using voice command assistants like Siri and Alexa. They even use voice search on regular browsers, so ignoring it can put you at a disadvantage when users search for services similar to yours.

  • Chatbots and Assistants

There is increasing use of chatbots and assistants to make the buying experiences better. Users can get guidance to use your platform and find the right products to satisfy their needs. Studies show that eCommerce stores can get growth of up to 30% by using chatbots and assistance to ease customer journey. 

  • Multiple payment gateways

Users can prefer to use any popular payment gateway. If your store doesn’t offer that payment method, the user may abandon his order. A custom eCommerce development agency can help you integrate all popular payment gateways to ease the payment process in your store. They can also help to integrate consumer financing to tempt users to purchase high-value products.

  • Headless or API driven Platforms

Headless commerce is a popular concept these days, and numerous businesses are using it for the best benefits. This model allows you to decouple your platform from the front-end presentation. It also provides many added advantages like better digital experience and SEO advantages. You should hire a eCommerce website development company to think beyond simple storefronts and shopping carts.

  • Compatibility and Responsiveness

Users prefer to use different devices to access their favorite online stores. Your store should be compatible with different browsers and screen sizes. A professional eCommerce development can help you make the store compatible and responsive for better user experience and business results. Providing enhanced features and functionalities to the users can reap delightful results for your business.

  • Big data for enhancing user experience

Big data is gaining significant popularity due to its effectiveness in identifying custom behavior and preference. It enables the online stores to know the customers even better. These days every successful store collects information about their customers, and a custom eCommerce web development company can help you make the best use of this data.

  • Implementation of AI and AR 

You should consider using AI and AR for exceptional experiences for the users. Online stores can use AI to understand their customer better, and AR can help you integrate highly intuitive and engaging features and functionalities to promote better results for your business.


There are some latest trends in the eCommerce industry that you can follow for your online stores and eCommerce apps. Ensure to hire services of a good custom eCommerce development company to achieve the best results for your business. A good eCommerce development company can help you integrate all the latest trends to please the users while increasing sales.

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