Ecommerce Business Strategy – We Analyzed 100-ecommerce Customer Business

Ecommerce Business Strategy

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Ecommerce has evolved into something where life is challenging without it. If we look back a couple of decades, there were just a couple of well-known ecommerce websites, “eBay” and “Amazon.”

Flash forward, we have a million or more Ecommerce websites or platforms providing excellent service, giving tough competition to the already established ones.

How is that possible?

The answer to this is by implementing the Ecommerce Business Strategy. Doing this will help you get success in your venture. 

By utilizing our immense experience in the tech industry, our tech professionals analyzed around 100 customers in four different revenue categories – from businesses that make around $10,000 in a year to ventures that earn about $1 million a year. 

We are excited to share our market analysis with budding entrepreneurs or startups looking for answers to various critical questions. 

When you start selling your product online, you also have to look at what your competitors are doing online. Copying isn’t really an excellent deal, but you could always use it as a guide and then make your eCommerce store better by offering more than your competition.

If you plan to start with your online store, you need to do some research to be best informed and ready to move forward.

Here’s one of the most effective ways to make your online store successful is by making an effective content marketing strategy.

But the question is, “How top-rated companies execute content marketing? Are there any different strategies they follow?”

Let’s find out what you need to do to become a successful eCommerce store owner!

Craft a result-driven content marketing strategy

Ecommerce Business Strategy: In other words, content marketing is known as a process of creating, planning, distributing, streamlining, and managing content. It’s just like a blueprint that manifests how a business organization should use its content to meet its business objectives.

As a passionate E-commerce business owner, you can be bothered with a few questions regarding content marketing.

  • Why do you want to publish your content? What are the main objectives behind content marketing?
  • What are the leading platforms to publish your content?
  • Your target audience.

Once you have answers to these questions, it will be easy to create, maintain, and post content.

It would help if you always remembered the way people think or behave according to time and technology, especially when it comes to e-commerce. With changing market scenarios, it’s vital to make changes to your content marketing strategy to meet your desired goals. 

Come up with a variety of content

When we talk about content, most people think that it’s about the text. Well, the text is just a part of the content, but in today’s highly competitive ecommerce environment, several types of content are used to succeed in content marketing efforts. You need to have a look at the types of content which matter.

Infographics – It’s a visual representation of data or information to easily and quickly understand the content. 

Memes are new, and everybody knows what memes are if you are not living under a rock. This would mainly attract the young crowd, not denying that other age groups like these. 

Videos or Vlogs– It gives a succinct explanation of your products/services, encourages visitors to spend more time on your website.

It also conveys the business messages engagingly and entertainingly to potential customers.

Product reviews help potential buyers get an insight into what others think about the product they are going to buy. It is beneficial to change perturbed buyers’ minds and motivate them to purchase products and services from your website.

User-Generated Content– Content generated by your interested clients/buyers/customs. This user-generated content can be used to boost the outcome of SEO exercises.

Client testimonials– Feedback by your customers is critical; check your reviews and feedbacks. Using these testimonials can generate customers’ trust in your brand.

Newsletters– Generally sent to subscribers to introduce new products/services/events and encourage them to buy products/services from your e-commerce website.

EBooks– These are downloadable digital content. They help buyers to download content on their electronic devices and use them later.

The content mentioned above types must be used in the following spaces.

  • You need to keep your customers/clients/followers informed about your products/services, events, etc.
  • Keep them engaged with your brand
  • Help major search engines to crawl frequently and add your web pages in search results
  • You need to achieve your e-commerce target easily

Look for guest blogging opportunities

Ecommerce website users often face many difficulties in acquiring inbound links as most of the site owners are not interested in linking product pages on their sites.

Therefore, you need to craft link-worthy content and submit it to high-profile guest blogging platforms.

If they accept your article, it will be much easier to promote your content on the web, increase page views on your website, and propel sales—a great strategy to boost your web presence.

Optimize your content very well

Quality content is of no use when search engines do not index it into their databases. Therefore, when you talk about content marketing efforts for ecommerce websites, you need to optimize your content for Google and other search engines.

It helps search engines to read and index your site’s content and promote it. This will improve your visibility across the web allows targeted people to quickly and easily find your brand/ products/ services.

Maintain Consistency

Search engines are always eager for new web pages with rich content to offer their users the most relevant results.

So, if you want your e-commerce website to appear on the first page of all leading search engines, you must update your website with fresh and unique content regularly.

Your customers always appreciate posts having up-to-date or new information. If you find it hard to update content on your website, seeking the help of reputed digital marketing companies offering content development services would be highly beneficial regularly.

Update with the latest trends

Trends in content marketing keep changing from time-time. Being a passionate content marketing professional, you need to keep track of the best factors working in the content marketing world. To keep yourself up-to-date in this area, you can also do the following.

  • Get a Google Alerts subscription
  • Conduct a reading session to get abreast of websites that publish content related to the search marketing industry. For example- Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, etc.
  • Make use of Google Analytics to find the terms people are using while searching for products and services. It helps you design relevant keywords easily to use them to promote your web pages and increase sales.
  • A competitor keyword analysis is the key to success. Conduct regular research to know your weak points and what you can do to improve the search results of your content. 

Use article submission websites

Article submission on different websites can be helpful when it comes to getting success in content marketing. Remember, you have to write informative and keyword-rich articles to get them published on a reputed website.

This strategy will help you earn maximum inbound links (redirecting to your website). Through the article submitted on other websites, you can also see content exposure, more traffic to your site, and an accelerated lead generation process.

Utilize Different Social Media Channels for Content Marketing

These days, social media promotion is an integral part of a content marketing strategy. You only need to add social media buttons to your E-commerce website to make users share the content they like.

Adding social media marketing with content marketing helps you in many ways-

  • It allows you to have direct interaction with millions of social media users and solve their problems.
  • Drive valuable traffic to your website, which may lead to sales as well.
  • Ensures more pageviews, quick brand recognition among potential customers.


Many SEO professionals ignore the importance of blogging when optimizing eCommerce websites for search engines. But they don’t know that active blogging can lead their website to a new level and helps trigger a real-time discussion with readers. 

Publishing informative, high-quality, and user-centric content on different blogging platforms would always be a practical step. It will generate backlinks to your website and bring a tremendous amount of traffic, which generates more business opportunities for you.

Solve Buyer’s Queries Using Your Content

Ecommerce Business Strategy: Many E-commerce store owners perceive that listing products with a brief description will attract and convince their potential buyers to place sales orders. Practically, it doesn’t happen.

A customer who buys frequently may have several questions when you add new products to your website. To solve your customer’s queries, you can refer them to informative content links so they can acquire in-depth knowledge about offered products/services. This is a great way to increase page views on your website and enhance sales. You will see that well-informed customers make instant decisions & contribute a lot to your lead generation process. 

If we could shift our focus from content marketing to ads, it brings a new question.

Do successful companies run more ads?

You can’t attract people based on the stats explaining how much time people spend online. According to advertisers, running campaigns such as Facebook and Google can help track people’s online habits and put the right ads in front of them.

According to Accenture data, digital media now account for 41% of large companies’ ad spending, and forecasters expect the amount to exceed 50% by 2018.

However, the issue of effectiveness nags here, too. However, almost all advertisers believe that ads are displayed when customers search for specific terms that are more effective than normal static banner ads. 

A 2015 study found that when eBay started and then stopped advertising on an extensive search engine, the company saw no difference in traffic.

So it depends on how you take it. Ads help you when you need some momentum in your sales, but I guess you don’t need to advertise your brand anymore when you are doing good.

How often do you need to add new products to move the needle?

Well, not too often, if you’re not making many sales. Because 90% of the chances are that you cannot make any conversions because of your marketing or your website or your mobile app, it’s never the product’s fault.

The chances of not making sales through your products are less than 10% because people buy products online mainly because of the user experience they get during a purchase.

Imagine you’re a customer, and you visit a website with excellent products, but you’re not able to purchase because the website has some issues or the process is too complicated.

You would look for an alternative website.

The other website has a moderate product, but the efforts to make a purchase are butter smooth. It quite evident that this website makes more sales than the other website, which is a pain.

If you think your products are the reason for your bad sales, you should add new products to move the needle. But otherwise, it’s the user experience on your ecommerce website or mobile app which makes the conversions for you.

Does your product need to “go viral” to make it worth it?

Ecommerce Business Strategy: Whether you plan to start or grow your retail business, you can get benefited by making your products viral over the web. But what can you do to attain this desired goal for your best products and services? And the big question: how to go viral at all? And is it worth going viral?

It’s impossible to predict what will work and go viral, but some ways can help your services and product reach an immense viral status. Before you plan to invest the effort and time to make a product explode online, cross-check whether the promoted product is worth the effort. When something becomes widespread, it inevitably comes under more scrutiny, so quality is critical. 

And while not having enough supply to meet the demand is an excellent problem to have, make sure you have your manufacturing and distribution channels set up and ready to work for you.

Now, let’s look at some things you can do to make your retail product go viral.

How to Go Viral: What Steps You Can Take?

There are some solid tips you could follow and go viral with your website or products. Maybe there are these little qualifications that could measure how viral your brand or product is.

·         Viewership: For videos, especially, this seems to be a key metric to judge the popularity of content. At the same time, some say that you need about a million views to be viral. I’d recommend somewhere close to 5 million makes good conversions.

·         Buzz: it’s not enough to get views – your content or product should get extensive coverage on popular blogs, sites like Reddit, Tweets, and Facebook posts.

·         Parody: When strangers begin to spoof, parody, remix, and recut your content or product, you know you’ve achieved viral status.

·         Longevity: While many memes are simply a flash in the pan, accurate viral content stays stuck in viewers’ memoirs long after the initial buzz dies down.

One of the essential things for making your content viral is by “Offering something unique” well, it was quite obvious. But that’s what makes something viral; you don’t expect something routine to be viral. 

In 2016 during the Pokémon Go craze height, a couple of online entrepreneurs created a Pokeball power bank to help their phones charged while playing. The creators created something unique, but they also capitalized on a current trend, and their bet paid off.

As expected, the product went viral, and the team sold thousands of power banks to fans.

It would also be best if you promoted sharing, get on social media, and create contests. Announce a giveaway for a lucky winner; this encourages your current customers or followers to share your brand, which in turn can be termed as going viral, but only if it’s something unique and exciting.

Do million-dollar companies have tech teams readily available for updates?

Ecommerce Business Strategy: Yes, of course, that’s one of the big reasons they are a million-dollar company today. Well, updates are not something you do regularly; they are to be done when to make a significant improvement in your ecommerce website or mobile app. Having an ecommerce web developer in your team is never harmful; true, they might be expensive, or they might feel expensive, but it’s all worth it when your customers are flowing-in because of your tech team.

The most important thing is, what do you update, and how do you know what to update?

It’s quite simple; you need to find things that will make your ecommerce website better and make your current customers happy and get you new visitors.

One of the things is learning from your competitions, adapting things that are cool and new, giving a fresh feeling to your customers, and don’t feel that your website is old and boring. And the other place where you could find improvements is feedbacks from the customers. We have discussed this before, and I’m repeating to give the customers what they want. Just keep it that way, and you’re good to go.


After analyzing more than 100 customers, we had these are the Ecommerce business strategy you need to keep in mind while building your ecommerce empire. Online stores are not something where you would see instant success as there are a million of them out there trying to do their best to attract customers. And if you need to succeed, you need to follow the above prospects.

If you have any queries regarding the eCommerce website or business strategy, then feel free to get in touch. 

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