COVID-19: 8 Tech Trends Getting us Through the Pandemic

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Tech Trends, Covid-19 also known as the coronavirus emerged in late December of 2020. From that day till today, it has continuously been the unshakable plague upon the whole world. Covid-19 has refused to loosen its grasp on the world even after several attempts from different countries.

The World under Lock with No Key to Find

It has been ages since the world has come to a complete halt due to Covid-19. With no cure in sight, the only choice was to shut everything down, lock it, and wait for the world to resume working again. Of course, after taking such big measures the world was sure to experience many changes.

Tech Trends

When the requirements from conducting anything from meet-ups to business dealings shifted to online, tech developers rolled up their sleeves and started coding new technological finds. It was inevitable to avoid setting new tech trends with so many new technologies getting out in the market. On top of that, they also became a necessity to survive in the locked-down world.

Let’s review the 8 most important techy trends which are sure to stay even after the pandemic has gotten its claws out of the world.

1. Robot Workers

Because the Covid-19 has restricted every physical human interaction, robots have been appointed instead of human workers in multiple fields. Robots are delivering online shopping and food orders and even providing medical aid in hospitals as nurses.

2. Remote Working

Well, the companies also had to shut their offices for the pandemic. But the techs got their backs and introduced remote working as the perfect solution. Now employees stay at home and connect through a certain forum to work.

3. E-Learning

When educational institutes got shut, school-going students were elated but the students of higher education were hit by a wave of anxiety. Those students were worried about how they will accumulate researches to write a master’s thesis or an assignment. But the techies were not far behind in bursting some students’ bubble and easing others’ worries as different educational forums were developed to supply the best online education to the students.

4. 5G Networking

With everything shifting on online platforms, speed became of the essence. After 4G networking proofed unsatisfyingly, the new speeding network, 5G was launched. It brings faster networking, downloads, and uploads speed.

5. Virtual Reality

The buyers of virtual reality (VR) headsets increased with the timely increase in lockdown. It has now become a widely demanded technology by people to enjoy multiple entertainment forums. VRs are even making their headway in the field of educational sciences.

6. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a system delivering computing services. Cloud computing offers a secure server, storage, databases, networking, and software. As everything was shifting online, the need for secure servers increased dramatically. Especially for business companies, because they require top-notch security for their data.

7. Electric Cars

As every technological service is upgrading, why leave the cars behind. Many people had invested in electrical cars but with the spread of the pandemic, their sales sky-rocketed right along with the infected body count. In 2020, electric car sales reached up to 3 million dollars which is equivalent to 40% of global sales.

With such a shocking rise in sales of electric cars, customers of the best car insurance companies must have also increased. This sale increase will negatively affect the owners of gas cars as the value of their vehicles will get reduced.

8. 3D Printing

Another technological creation that has immensely aided the world amid the pandemic is 3D printing. 3D printing has widely become a cheap manufacturing solution due to factories coming to a halt from Covid-19. Many hospitals are being supplied with 3D printed ventilators and medical equipment. This is a great way of overcoming the challenging prices in these difficult times.

Most of these technologies were present past covid-19 but now they will replace older techs to become a future necessity. These tech trends have come for a reason and they will stay for the betterment. But many trends such as robot workers will create future problems in the form of depletion in the job market.

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