An expert guide to convert PST to MBOX files on Mac OS

convert PST to MBOX files

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When we usually talk about email clients, we can’t forget the presence of Outlook. It is one of the most preferred email clients which is widely used on both Windows as well as Mac OS. For any individual, organization, business, or enterprise, Outlook is considered the best email client that handles a large number of emails easily in a day. Outlook is commonly used to store emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, meetings, and more information available to you.

MS Outlook stores the data in Personal Storage Table format i.e, PST on windows. Rather than this, Mac mail stores the data in MBOX format. This file format is accessible only on windows and is not compatible with Mac machines. If any Outlook user needs to access a PST file on Mac, they must prior convert PST to MBOX files on Mac.

In such conditions, the first question that arises in every user’s mind is how to convert the PST files to MBOX. You don’t need to strain anymore for the arising question. Here in this article, we will discuss the method to convert files from PST to MBOX for Mac. But before moving to next, let’s discuss the major reasons to convert the PST files into MBOX.

Reasons to Migrate PST to Mac MBOX Files on Mac OS

We all know that PST files are only compatible with windows and unable to be accessed on Mac machines. On the other hand, MBOX files are easily accessible on Windows as well as on Mac OS. So, the users are required to convert the PST file to MBOX to access the data or file on Mac. MBOX files are commonly supported by a broad range of applications like Thunderbird, PowerMail, Apple Mail Spicebird, and many more. Moreover, some of the major reasons are listed below to migrate PST to MBOX free on Mac,

  • Users have to buy the licensed version of MS Outlook after a 30 days free trial to utilize all capabilities on windows.
  • If the message size is too large, Outlook may break down and can corrupt the PST files.
  • The other reason to convert PST to MBOX files is its intuitive GUI.
  • Outlook users are bound with Windows OS, while MBOX files can be accessed on any OS like Windows or Mac.
  • Another reason to migrate PST to MBOX for Mac is Outlook files corruption like the crash of PST files or hard drives corruption that leads to loss of complete data.

From the above segment, we read about various factors to Migrate  Mac PST files into MBOX.  Under the given circumstances, users are more likely to migrate Mac MBOX file to other email clients. Now in the next section, we will talk over the possible methods and techniques to migrate PST to MBOX on Mac.

Manual Method to convert PST to MBOX Files on Mac OS

There are multiple inconclusive solutions available over the web to convert the PST files to an MBOX. Different websites are available over the internet that offer PST file converters online. But they are not secure to deal with your valuable files. In the given concept below, we are going to talk about possible methods to import PST files to MBOX. 

Let’s see the steps properly that is mentioned below to convert PST to MBOX files on Mac,

  • Install and open the Mac Outlook on the Mac Operating System
  • Select the FIle from the menu and click on the Import option.
  • Now, select the Outlook Data File option and proceed for Next to import PST to MBOX free
  • From the next opened wizard, select Outlook for Windows Data File (.pst) and hit the right arrow button for next.
  • Next, move to the PST file location and select the file.
  • After that, click on the Import option to upload the PST file on Outlook.
  • Now, Drag and Drop the PST folder to the Desktop to convert PST to MBOX format.
  • By this, you can easily import the converted MBOX files to Apple mail later.

With the above-introduced steps, you can execute a manual PST to MBOX converter for Mac free. From this manual process, users can export only one PST file at a time. Users must have some prior technical knowledge while performing steps to prevent data loss or any error. After discussing the manual method, let’s take a look at some of the limitations of this approach.

Limitations of DIY Method to Convert PST to MBOX on Mac

Migration of files from PST to MBOX with this stated approach is not considered to be a professional solution. The process is very lengthy and takes a lot of time to implement the file conversion. Using a manual approach, non-technical users are unable to convert PST to MBOX for Mac. 

Some of the major issues that users face with manual techniques,

  • Risk of data loss or corruption when steps are not performed accordingly.
  • It allows the users to migrate only one PST file at a time.
  • Users can not preview the PST files while selecting the files for conversion.
  • Unable to convert the large PST files.
  • It is too much of a time-consuming and lengthy process.

The manual procedure is very tricky and not an optimum solution to deal with. To eliminate such obstacles, most of the users switch to an automated solution. Outlook PST Converter for Mac is the most recommended and near-perfect solution to convert the PST files into MBOX on Mac. The professional technique saves a lot of time and helps the users to get rid of a lengthy manual process. Users can easily transfer PST files in bulk and prevent themselves from the threat of data loss.


In the above article, we have explained how a user can convert PST to MBOX files on Mac? Considering the reasons to convert the PST files into MBOX, we have also discussed the manual process and its limitations. When it comes to non-professional users and data security, then it is not a feasible approach to deal with. Users are suggested to go with an advanced and automated solution to remove such hindrance. The professional method takes less time and leads to a smooth conversion process with high data security.

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