Consistency in Link Building: Why You Need it and How it Impacts Your Marketing Strategy

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Did you know that about 58% of professionals in the SEO industry believe link building is crucial for a good impact on search engine rankings?

Organic SEO is gaining more traction by the day – and it makes total sense. The benefits are long-term and extremely sustainable. You may have heard of quite a few strategies businesses use today for organic SEO, including updating content regularly and keeping it optimized for keywords.

Another important strategy for organic SEO activities is link building. It is the complex and long-term process of creating a web of high-quality backlinks that interlink various websites with yours, and yours with others. It helps to siphon more traffic to your pages and helps to retain this traffic for longer.

The key lies in building links consistently so that there is a constant inflow of high-quality traffic. Your business may consider professional link building services company for that purpose. Let’s look at a few more reasons you need to practice link building consistently.

How Link Building Adds Value to a Marketing Strategy

Link building isn’t merely about adding more links to your webpages. There is more to it, and it can genuinely aid your marketing efforts. Here are a few ways link building adds value to marketing:

  • Helps visitors discover more relevant content on your website through internal links. Link building also involves creating a good web of internal links on your own website, so that your customers can discover relevant content easily. For example, in a blog that talks about solar panels, a few relevant internal links can take your users to other blogs on your website that talk about the benefits of solar panels, and how much energy cost they can save. Visitors can discover the content they want to read, and your website is able to retain high-intent traffic for longer periods on the website. It helps increase the chances of advancing them into your pipelines.
  • Helps visitors go to associates’ or partner pages through outbound links. Businesses work with partners, associates, and catalysers quite often. Link building helps establish a mutually beneficial SEO arrangement that can support the marketing efforts of every stakeholder involved. You can backlink your partners’ / associates’ pages on your website and request them to reciprocate the same. The traffic that they experience on their website can be encouraged to check out your pages as well through smartly placed backlinks that lead to your pages. For example, for the solar panel costing blog, you can insert a backlink to your vendors’ blogs and in turn, they can backlink to your page when the blog talks about hiring a solar energy consultant.
  • Helps you understand how and where to place call to action links. A call to action is the best way to urge your visitors to convert their casual visit into a sale opportunity. It is an art to place call to action phrases in the right place. Depending on which backlinks your customers are clicking on the most, you can take a call on placing your CTA phrases in the right places. For example, if your customers are clicking the most on the internal link of solar panel benefits, you can place a CTA in the middle or end of the blog, urging them to get in touch with you to know more benefits of alternative energy.
  • Helps you create topic clusters for traffic retention. It is essential to get your visitors to stay on your website and browse around for a while, because it helps create more opportunities for you to pitch to them and qualify them for your pipelines. Creating high-quality content and clustering similar content together through an intricate system of internal linking helps you achieve higher browsing times. For example, a user reading about solar panels would like to read about their benefits, cost, and impact on the environment. Keeping these topics handy for access helps you retain potential customers.

Interesting fact: Over 60% of businesses actively outsource backlinking and related activities for better impact.

Is Monthly Link Building Important?

Yes, it is important. More importantly, consistent and regular link building is pivotal for many aspects of a business’s success.

Consistency improves and sustains better ranking

Someone said it right: consistency is key.

Creating quality backlinks once and for all is one thing, but continually engaging in adding more high-quality backlinks to your website is what will drive more traffic towards you. It will help you improve the domain authority of your website and help you build the solid backlink base you need to retain the rankings and traffic.

You receive qualified referral traffic

Ranking well on search engines is only one part that consistent backlinking achieves. It is important to know that not all your traffic comes from search engines – a lot of this traffic is referred to your website through other websites, social media pages, forums, etc. The thing to note is that these visitors are pre-qualified leads already looking for your solutions. If you practice consistent link building for your website, you increase your chances of bringing in more traffic from new sources in addition to the search page results.

Your brand stays relevant

Consistency in link building goes hand in hand with creating fresh content periodically. For each new piece of content you publish, your brand does the rounds on the internet, showing its face to people who follow you. In short, consistent link building helps your brand stay relevant in the internet circle. People surfing the internet hear about you regularly, and when the need arises, your brand’s name stays at the top of their heads – gaining you potential customers.

You can build a robust link profile that is well-planned

Professional link building services help your website’s rankings and traffic by creating a robust network of internal and external links that make total sense with respect to the content you publish. No link is irrelevant, no link is low quality – whatever a user clicks on takes them to another high-quality resource rich in information.


Link building may seem like a complicated task. However, when you have clear goals and objectives to achieve from it, a lot of these complications are detangled. Link building is an important part of digital marketing and SEO, and your brand would benefit greatly from hiring professional services for link building.

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