Choosing The Right Technology For Streaming


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Live streaming is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways for businesses to engage with customers. It allows you to interact with customers in real-time and can boost customer engagement with your brand.  

The right technology is crucial for success in streaming. There are many facets to consider when streaming, and it is vital to ensure that you choose the best – this will give your audience the best possible experience with your streaming platform.  

Audio Equipment  

Good audio is essential for streaming. It may be tempting to use what you have around the office when starting out, but a phone or basic microphone will not give the best results in a stream. It is well worth investing in high-quality microphones to ensure that your video’s audio is the best it can be. Good audio is often even more important than good video, so you should invest wisely in the best microphones you can afford. Bring in the Noise has the most in-depth, easy to read and accurate product reviews available online  

Video Cameras 

When first starting out, the video you record on a good quality smartphone may be sufficient for your streaming needs. The camera and video functions on smartphones can rival even professional cameras nowadays, so if you are keen to cut costs, this can be an excellent way to do so.  

If you plan to grow your video streaming revenue, you will need to invest more into video cameras. A good quality video camera will enable you to make videos even in poor lighting. You could also consider a portable option for videos shot across locations.  

Playout Services 

It may help to enlist the services of a professional media agency. This can make all the difference in providing smooth playback for your audience and reduce frustration at poor streaming quality.  

An excellent example is playout from Red Bee Media. These services allow your business to increase its reach and distribution with minimal fuss and maximum success. They also give you access to professional post-production services and expert advice on how best to grow your streaming content.  

Editing Software 

Post-production editing is essential to help you make the best streamed videos. There are many options available, from do-it-yourself software to professional technology. It may help when starting out to choose a more basic, user-friendly option that will allow you to edit your videos yourself. Once you have gained some experience editing footage, you can upgrade as you feel necessary.  

Streaming Platforms 

There are many streaming platforms to choose from, so it will help to research and find the platform that suits you and your business best. Social media sites are often an excellent place to start as many have integrated streaming technology. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all excellent choices with a huge user base.  

You may also consider creating your own streaming website. This will take more time and dedication to make into a viable choice, but it will give you the ability to control what your audience sees around your videos, such as adverts and branding.  

Final Thoughts 

There are many things that go into a good quality stream. Without the best in video and audio quality, your audience may not stick around, which is why it is so important to invest wisely in the available technology.  

It may help to consider your options and do some research into the different tech. While you may be able to start out with some basic equipment if you plan to grow your streaming and content services, it is worth investing in the tech you need. Consider experimenting with different techniques to see which you can work best with and which gives you the best video quality.

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