Why You Should Choose Godaddy Hosting Service for Your Local Business

Godaddy Hosting Service

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Certainly, choosing a website’s best hosting service or web builder is one of the first significant choices a company owner must make. However, if you’re wondering about Godaddy’s benefits or are still somewhat confused for its options and offers, you’re not alone.

GoDaddy is a worldwide renowned brand, as seen by its Super Bowl advertisements and high search engine rankings. Their reputation with search engines and the user base is well-established. Still, negative news and mixed customer ratings of GoDaddy are readily available with a quick Google search. How can one distinguish fact from fiction?

After breaking down the essential parameters, you should consider comparing reviews and researching different website hosting providers.

You can also use this tool to help your research. You can look up the hosting provider for any site you want. 

Is GoDaddy the best option for your small company?

GoDaddy Provides Extremely Compelling Domain Hosting

No doubt, GoDaddy is one of the most affordable domain hosting available. Domain registration is a breeze, and users get the regular discounts. For the first year, the user can purchase premium domains (.com/.ca) for as low as $0.99 per month. Also, users have the dedicated servers to ensure hosting reliability, security, and quick load times.

GoDaddy Website Builder

Firstly, GoDaddy offers one of the most intuitive website creation interfaces. Their cPanel hosting delivers a user-friendly GUI suitable for novices and specialists. You will not require much experience designing, publishing, and administering your website.

GoDaddy Hosting Design

Secondly, the website builder on GoDaddy is quite powerful. Moreover, over 300 professional design templates get the modification using their drag-and-drop editor. You may submit your photos (trademarks and logos) from your computer or mobile device. Additionally, you can also insert the music and video.

Data Access

Thirdly, for web administrators desiring more control, restrictions on email addresses (See how to create GoDaddy email login), databases, and RAM might be complex. Attempting to manage GoDaddy’s restrictions using Web forms, wikis, and auto-generated material will need extra work. Other hosting providers have minor limitations.

In most of their hosting plans, backup and restore functions are provided. Save and backup as many backup copies of your website as you desire, a feature not offered by other providers. Additionally, GoDaddy makes it simple to import third-party MySQL files.


Additionally, there are four main plans: personal, business (Local Business), business plus, and eCommerce Online Store. The annual cost ranges from around $100 to $500, or $8 to $40 monthly. Each tier includes 24/7 online support but differs according to features, customization, and subscription plans.


Uptime, or the time a server is operational, is one of the most significant factors for evaluating the quality of a name hosting service. Each day, a server processes millions of requests and transmits billions of bytes to IP addresses throughout the globe. While Godaddy offers dedicated servers for your website, consumer feedback about uptime has been mainly negative. Loading difficulties with mobile and desktop devices continue to be a key source of unhappiness among dissatisfied clients.

GoDaddy Security

Your information is safe with GoDaddy. They employ cutting-edge technology and make substantial investments in security to prevent spam and hacker assaults. Including SiteLock and Sucuri in GoDaddy’s online security is a significant improvement.

GoDaddy Customer Support

Perhaps the most problematic component of GoDaddy’s business is its customer support, which most customers rate poorly. They provide live, phone, and email assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week; however, help desk employees are frequently criticized for their lack of technical knowledge (i.e., downtime, re-directs, hosting, WP, SQL databases). Web administrators wanting HTML server access will encounter obstacles. Access of SSH is not ample. There is SFTP access. However, the user cannot overwrite the files.

GoDaddy’s WordPress Hosting Features

Surprisingly, GoDaddy has teamed with WordPress to provide three hosting options for creating a WordPress website or blog on a budget. Domains are complimentary with a yearly membership. There includes a free picture library and an auto-install Quick Start Wizard to help you rapidly start your website. You will not discover a better value.

And, if you already have a WordPress site, transferring it to GoDaddy involves technical knowledge. Some WordPress plugins and themes necessitate a tutorial for seamless integration. Although there are step-by-step instructions for transferring your WordPress site to GoDaddy, even pros may have difficulty following them. Correcting mistakes in the future will cost around $150. Migrating small websites without plugins is considerably easy.


To sum up, GoDaddy has been criticized for unconventional marketing strategies, aggressive upselling, and lousy customer service, yet its cost, brand recognition, and extensive capabilities make them a popular choice for many startups.

If your organization is set, heavily reliant on eCommerce, and seeking expansion, there are better alternatives. Furthermore, small company owners with limited technical knowledge may register a domain and establish a website with reasonable simplicity but obtaining the assistance and direction you want from customer care professional may leave you disappointed and irritated.

All in all, GoDaddy is a terrific value for creatives and professionals with a hyperlocal emphasis, but if you want to grow into eCommerce, you may want to choose a provider with more educated and responsive customer care.

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