Is CAPM® Certification Worth the Efforts ?

CAPM certification

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The Certified Association in project Management or popularly called as the CAPM is a certification .The CAPM is the Project Management Institute (PMI)’s entry level certification for project manager or people that area unit interested in getting into the sector of project management. It makes the right section level certificate for project consultant who don’t have the specified expertise for PMP. However, they need created up their minds to make a vocation within the discipline of project management.

It is a most suitable choice for the people that don’t get a basics of project management and crux of a project.The Associate in Project Management certificate makes them associated degree higher individual with a correct understanding of the principal data and terminologies. And cycles of effective project management.

It’s a comparatively new credential, introduced in 2003 (the PMP, on the opposite hand , was introduced within the United States in 1984). The examination features 150 multiple choice questions that must be done in a three hour time period at a registered testing center (like Prometric in the United States).

If you’re considering applying to urge CAPM certified, you may be inquisitive whether or not it’s well worth the time, cost, and effort to do so. 


It Establishes project management credibility and knowledge

It assesses a candidate with PMI specified guidelines which are required the person to meet specific measures of the experience, professional knowledge and education. 

The evaluation process enforces one to abide by the industry – standard ethics and code along with the professional conduct. Thus it’s highly proficient and trained on project management follower. It boosts the professional credibility of a candidate.

It helps you to become a confident project lead 

It infuses the leadership skills into them to lead in the workplace, it also helps new bees in project management to learn to manage a group effectively in a variety of working environments. Thus it plays as a vital resources in any business function.

Better career opportunities

Like every managerial field this is also a field of competition. As the demand for this is on a continuous rise so as the CAPM Online training  is a globally recognized and praises by all companies. The most fun part of this is even if a candidate has less management experience, this helps to meet the gap of project and have knowledge related managerial roles.

Increased salary 

It proves one’s project credentials with PMI standards, no doubt, it works as a bonus and helps to increase the salary up to 25%. Even in the same department, a CAPM professional can demand a higher salary than others. Due the increased demand among the employers.

Additionally, it’s considered as one of the highest paying certification in project management. 

Is it worth getting ?

It is not worth getting if you have the means to eventually get PMP certified without it.I concluded that most of the students , it really did make sense to buckle down and take benefits of all that a quality boot camp offer.

For the next ten years, demand for project manager is rapidly growing that the demand of other professions, which says there won’t be any shortage of opportunities available.

The PMA is considered the gold standard in the world of project managers. In fact, the salary is 20% higher than the others those without certification.

If you have enough qualification to go for this right way, that’s probably a better move . However if they’re getting just standard, it will give you all the fundamental you need while making you good .

For competitors, who are new and also for the individuals who may serving as a topic master on project groups, The associated project management can help their professional way. The expertise are so well knowledgeable with data and improved range of abilities to deal with any measures of given issues, which may emerge during the work understanding .These expertise are so well trained under the project management body of knowledge Guide to comprehend the assumption of the principle, ideas, and rules of it’s structure.


If you are deciding it whether to go or not, indeed from the data and vocation viewpoint, it is a bit leeway at any degree of project management calls. It need great arrangement and spend money in order to make it happen.

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