Brian Colombana: Top 3 Altcoins to Invest in Before End of the Year

Brian Colombana

Last Updated on July 14, 2024 by Team Experts

The end of the year is coming up, and it’s time to make some plans. And probably you are considering cryptocurrency as an investment option that could give you great returns. 

If so, here are three altcoins you should invest in before the end of Year.

1) Verge (XVG)

Verge brings privacy to the blockchain due to its innovation Wraith Protocol technology. It uses I2P which obscures the IP address of the sender and receiver with multiple layers of encryption, making transactions untraceable. The currency has grown by over 18000% in 2017 alone! Their mission is to empower people around the world by bringing blockchain transactions into everyday life– this goal will surely be achieved soon enough. XVG is currently undervalued, and it’s the perfect time to buy.

2) Digibyte (DGB)

A true gem, Digibyte has a dedicated team of over 150 members’ working day and night to make transactions faster, more secure, and reliable for everyone on their network. The blockchain platform enables businesses to use the technology without having any previous knowledge or experience which means that its applications are endless – making it a solid investment choice for 2022.

3) Oyster Pearl (PRL)

Another coin with huge potential, Oyster Pearl’s aim is to provide anonymous, decentralized data storage as a service by enabling users to pay those who offer up space on their hard drive so they can have even more capacity to spread data across the network. This is a unique take on cloud storage, and it could be huge in the next five years or so.

What should you do to prepare for the future you ask? 

Well, this article will explain what cryptocurrency tokens are and how they can help you achieve your goals. Depending on if you’re saving up money to buy a house, starting a business, going back to school or just looking for financial security in general cryptocurrencies have been known to help people out both financially and emotionally by providing them with an ability to earn extra income with their time rather than working for someone else’s. And now more than ever before there are so many different options available whether you want to focus mainly on trading stocks, investing in real estate, simply saving your money away in the form of gold or you want to get involved with cryptocurrency tokens.

According to Brian Colombana cryptocurrencies are digital assets that work as a store of value which means that their price changes every second just like how it is with stocks, but also depending on what’s happening in the market when compared to different forms of currency. The main goal for cryptocurrencies was to create a decentralized economy meaning not having one single institution control everything. For example, when you purchase cryptocurrency tokens there are no banks tracking down your credit score, there are no yearly fees associated to them and they can’t be confiscated because they’re safe inside your wallet where only YOU have access to. 

A lot of people consider this freedom very valuable so they choose to invest their money in cryptocurrency tokens even though there are no guarantees that one single token will bring you a steady stream of income like stocks currently do. Cryptocurrencies offer the potential for growth, but it’s up to you to make sure that you acquire enough knowledge to actually actively trade them successfully without making any mistakes along the way.

What is cryptocurrency?

Before we go any further let’s first define what cryptocurrency is. A cryptocurrency token (or coin) is simply defined as an element of a blockchain that has some kind of value assigned to it which means that if someone were to send or receive it then they would require the ownership of this digital asset before doing so. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies work peer-to-peer which gives people the ability to buy and sell digital assets without any form of interference (like middlemen) which again means that you’re the only one responsible for taking good care of your tokens.

Cryptocurrencies are not tied to any country so their value may vary depending on what’s happening in the market at a specific time. If people begin investing heavily into cryptocurrency tokens then they’ll most likely experience an increase in price, but if everyone begins purchasing them at once then the demand will create a surge in prices which can result in them increasing or decreasing dramatically. 

To summarize, cryptocurrency tokens are entirely digital meaning they don’t have any physical forms like paper money or gold does – this is why many traders prefer using them because it’s completely transparent as to what’s going on at any given time. Your token balance is recorded into a public ledger which means that you can’t forge records of your transactions and everyone will be able to see how much money you’ve mined/purchased etc.


The truth is that cryptocurrency tokens were originally designed as an investment tool so many people choose to hold onto them waiting for the right moment to either spend or sell them off. This is why they’re commonly known as cryptocurrencies because one single token uses cryptography, hence the term ‘cryptocurrency’, in order to secure all of its transactions. As per Brian Colombana the main benefit of using this kind of protocol is that it enables many users around the world to perform peer-to-peer transactions without any middlemen.

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