How To Turn on Bluetooth on Your Mac?

Bluetooth not turning on Mac

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Mac devices are well known for their functionality and reliability. You can perform all tasks on your Mac system with excellent ease of usage. The beneficial features of the Mac include its connectivity which is of top-notch quality. Among all the connectivity options of Mac OS, Bluetooth is one outstanding technology. Bluetooth not turning on Mac, how To Turn on Bluetooth on Your Mac.

Every technology will have some glitches and so is Bluetooth connectivity. In several instances, you may encounter Bluetooth not turning on Mac devices error. This problem should be addressed and resolved to enjoy the superior functionality of your Mac device. This guide may help you in obtaining better Bluetooth Connectivity on Your Mac Device.

How to Resolve Bluetooth Not Turning on Mac Issue?

When your Bluetooth connectivity is Blind affected by unknown reasons you can try using one of the tweaks to resolve it.

Restore Your Bluetooth

This is a very basic and simple step that can sometimes resolve Bluetooth not turning on the Mac issues. To toggle Bluetooth ON and OFF, use the respective icon available in the menu bar. Just click the relevant icon for the connectivity tool and choose the option to turn it off. You can repeat the same above step to activate and turn ON Bluetooth connectivity again.

Alternatively, you can also make use of the Control Center or the Apple menu to pair a Bluetooth device. Also, ensure that the show Bluetooth in the menu bar check box is also checked. It will help you find the Bluetooth controller in the Control Center.

Remove All Your USB Devices

If the first tweak is not working for you, try this step to restore your Bluetooth connectivity. After removing all your devices connected via USB you can check out the below procedure for restoring your Bluetooth connectivity.

Step 1: Access the System Preferences of your Mac device.

Step 2: Avail of the option to disconnect your Bluetooth connectivity.

Step 3: After stopping your Bluetooth connectivity, restart your device.

Step 4: Re-enable your wireless network and verify that Bluetooth is also enabled and discoverable.

Remove Bluetooth.plist Files

Sometimes your Bluetooth.plist files may get infected due to unrevealed reasons. You can remove the property list files to regain your Bluetooth connectivity.

Step 1: Access the Finder menu and choose the folders option.

Step 2: Input int/Library/preferences and hit Enter.

Step 3: Locate and choose file and remove it.

Step 4: Return to folder options.

Step 5: Enter ~/Library/preferences/By Host and press Enter.

Step 6: Find file and erase it.

Step 7: Now turn off your Mac and wait for a few moments to restart it over again.

Step 8: After the stipulated time, restart your system to check whether your Bluetooth connectivity is resumed.

Troubleshoot Your Bluetooth Module

The Bluetooth module is the integrated chip circuit that can assist wireless connectivity. Any error in this circuit may affect your Bluetooth connectivity. You can debug it to resolve any error in the Bluetooth.

Step 1: Press the shift and option key together and select the Bluetooth icon.

Step 2: Choose the Debug option and click on the “Remove all Devices” option.

Step 3: Return to the Debug menu and select “Reset the Bluetooth Module” from the list of options.

Clear Out System Junk Files

The Junk files available on your Mac can affect its functionality significantly. Unwanted file accumulation might lower available storage, which affects the amount of free space needed for any programme. So, you can try cleaning the junk files when you face Bluetooth Not Turning on Mac Error.

How to Clean Up Your Mac Junk Files?

You can remove your Mac junks manually as well as with the aid of a dedicated cleaner tool. Manual methods are tiresome and time-consuming. So, we can rely upon a reliable third-party tool for removing the unwanted files available on your Mac.


In the quest of identifying the best-in-class junk cleaner software for Mac devices, we have found CleanMyMacX as a superior and efficient solution. With its user-friendly interface and excellent functioning abilities, this tool can protect your Mac from memory glitches due to lower space. It is a bundle pack of multiple utilities to take overall good care of your Mac.

CleanMyMacX Features

●        One-touch scanning ability

●        Can clean, protect, and enhance system speed

●        Can terminate background programs and enhance system speed

●        Capable of detecting and clearing large hidden files

●        Ability to Map your device memory

Final Verdict

Mac devices are smart gadgets with enhanced efficiency. Connecting your Mac with other devices is essential nowadays as we are sharing more files in digital format. Bluetooth connectivity is the best-in-class wireless sharing aid that will allow us to connect with nearby devices. However, the methods for resolving issues with the Bluetooth module are worth exploring. So, we have briefed the efficient solutions available for resolving your Bluetooth issues. This tutorial will teach you how to enable Bluetooth on a Mac.

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