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As a student, it becomes quite difficult to navigate your thoughts and actions efficiently due to the pressure of studies and other external circumstances. However, you can improve your productivity levels in time management, organized routine, concentration, and following a good to-do list. In this way, you can easily tackle your problems associated with productivity. In this regard, we have collected seven productivity apps that you can use as a student to get you past the blockage you are facing in your student life.

1. Block App

You can already figure out the literal meaning of this app: to block something, especially some kind of distractions. In this case, it blocks apps for a set amount of time, allowing you to avoid procrastination. In addition, it allows you to construct schedules in which you may choose a time window within which to ban specific apps. The schedules operate automatically, restricting access to the prohibited apps, allowing you to complete your tasks without interruption. You will also receive notifications about any functional blocks, so you will know how each programme is doing. Unfortunately, social media is a bug that has infected us all, and it can disrupt our daily lives if not utilized wisely. 

2. Voice Notes

This programme essentially translates speech to text and assists you in taking notes. The software offers a one-touch feature that allows you to speak indefinitely while the programme converts your speech into text and stores it in a storage file. The programme supports 119 languages for speech recognition and 20 user interface languages. As a result, the respective user does not face any linguistic barrier. However, note-taking is not always possible. Consider the following scenario: you are attending an important presentation, and the speaker is making several key points. With this programme, you can hit one button to convert all of the speaker’s speech to text, which you can then use. You might perhaps be wary of writing a lot and desire a more convenient approach to take notes.

3. Google Keep

Google Keep is a mobile software that allows you to capture, store, and reference information while on the go. You may quickly add a note by typing or recording your voice, and the text will be instantly transcribed thanks to speech-to-text technology. You can also make to-do lists and add photographs, either by dragging and dropping an image from your device’s gallery or shooting a photo with the device’s camera. After creating a note, the user can modify its colour or add a label. You may personalize how they choose to keep organized in any case. You can copy the notes within the programme or convert them to a Google Doc right away, and the search functions are also functional.

4. Todoist

Classes, studying, a job or an internship, hobbies, exercise, and personal life are typically juggled by students, which may be exhausting. Todoist is a task management tool that can help you keep organized and avoid becoming buried beneath all of the tasks and responsibilities of being a student. It allows you to add tasks, categorize them (Work, Personal, Shopping), colour code them, and assign a priority level. It also syncs with your email or calendar, ensuring that you never forget a task.

5. Clockify 

Clockify is a time-keeping application. If you want to be more productive or have ever faced time constraint problems, this app is for you. It will be a lot easier to arrange your time once you understand where your time goes. You will see if you are wasting time on something not that important or if your time management strategy isn’t working as you expected. There’s an option to track time automatically, so you won’t have to worry about interfering with your job or causing you to lose focus. Clockify provides a range of useful features, such as a Pomodoro timer, in addition to simply tracking your time. Your mind will stay recharged and efficient if you divide your study time into intervals and take regular breaks. 

6. Google Calendar 

Google Calendar is the most popular software among my peers since it is traditional, straightforward, and functional. It helps you to keep track of all of your classes, events, extracurricular activities, and assignment due dates both on your phone and computer. You can readily see commitments throughout the day, week, and month thanks to its simple design. To ensure that you don’t forget anything, set up reminders before occasions or for to-do lists. 

7. Slides Go 

Slides Go features a wide variety of aesthetically beautiful templates for both PowerPoint and Google Slides if you want to make a good impression when giving a presentation. In addition, it includes a lot of various designs that you can browse by colour and style, so no matter what project you’re working on, you’ll probably be able to find what you are for at that particular time.


Thus, you can get a crystal clear idea of these productivity apps, and each of the apps mentioned above will help you boost your daily productivity levels. It is never too late to take matters into your own hands by first acknowledging the need for a change and the need to work on this change. Thus, with these productivity apps, any student can sort out their student-life crisis.

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