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smart watch

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Best Cool Gadgets for Men: Boys always love gadgets, that is why the vast majority of men simply love to receive cool gadgets or technical gifts for any reason.

So what’s next? You can please a person, be it techie or not, giving him one of the latest cool gadgets!

And in the list below you can find the best gadgets for men.

Smart watch

Watches, luxury pens and expensive cognac are universal gifts for men. For male techno-maniacs, such a gift can be a smart watch – with a built-in phone, fitness monitoring, a camera and integration with a smartphone for Android / iOS to transfer data to different applications or vice versa – to control the system.

smart watch

Smart speaker

An audio speaker, which, in addition to playing music, will be able to connect to a TV, wake up in the morning, answer questions, report weather forecasts and traffic jams – all this in a dialogue mode is a good present for a single man who has no one to talk to in the evenings, and for the father of the family, who daily gets a thousand “why.”

Smart speaker

It is enough to connect it with a smartphone or other mobile device – and the house will have a smart and inconspicuous voice assistant.

Live Drone

Whether you want to get amazing photos and videos for your next trip, or just play with him for fun, this drone is a great gadget for every technology lover.

It can be controlled from the phone, automatically maintain its position in the air.

Live Drone

What is the best thing about him? It comes with a VR headset, so the user can experience first-person flight mode.

Oculus Rift S VR Headset

Maybe he is interested in video games? Then he will like the next amazing gadget.

Perhaps one of the most exciting technological innovations of the last 3 years, the virtual reality headset will allow him to visit inside the virtual space, as if he really is there!

Oculus Rift S VR Headset

Following the tremendous success of the Oculus Rift headset, the All-new oculus quest 1 & rift s prescription lenses are the latest and long-awaited successor. It is much better than the cheap VR base points (where you put your smartphone in) and provides an unrivaled resolution of 1280 × 1440!

Magnetic bracelet

This magnetic bracelet deserves the third place in our list of cool gadgets for men.

There is nothing more annoying for a DIY person than trying to figure out where these screws, bolts and nails used to assemble or disassemble an item.

magnetic bracelet

With the help of this simple, but very effective gadget, a man will have any metal trifle at hand when necessary!

Camera with motion sensor

With these cool Blink gadgets, you can secure your home and manage it all from the palm of your hand.

Place one or more wireless flashing cameras anywhere around your home, both inside and outside.

Camera with motion sensor

When motion detector triggered, Wi-Fi cameras will send a warning to your smartphone and record a short event clip in the cloud

Foldable wireless keyboard

Next, we present one of the mandatory gadgets for men who need to write a lot.

Foldable wireless keyboard

Although tablets and smartphones are very compact and stylish, writing longer texts on them can be a bit onerous.

But this cool gadget fixes the problem. It can easily connect to Android or IOS via Bluetooth. At the same time, it can be folded and can fit in your pocket while traveling in transport!

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