The Top 12 Apps for Food Delivery in the UAE and Dubai

Apps for Food Delivery

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In today’s fast-paced world, where convenience is key, food delivery apps have become a game-changer. Whether you’re craving a delicious meal from a local restaurant or looking to satisfy your sweet tooth with some desserts, these apps bring all your favorite dishes right to your doorstep. 

One thing that is common to anyone living in this world is the food. The country has sights, sky-struck buildings, aquariums, ski slopes, and more. Contemporary, glamorous, and ecstatic. Middle Eastern people are always famous for their mouth-watering food. It is because the UAE is a magnet for those who love food. This blog will list the top food delivery services in the UAE in 2024.

Through time, Middle East-UAE has become known for its culture and flavor. Exploring food alternatives outside the confines of your home is a regular activity within the Emirates. However, Covid time slowed the development of the food industry; however, UAE was able to return to its beginnings.

In the age of changing technologies and trends, their culture of the past has made its way into new areas, such as international cuisines served in food trucks and the latest concepts of ghost kitchens. Food delivery services on the internet are embraced by fast food restaurants (QSR), home delivery, and takeaway restaurants to chains throughout the UAE’s local areas.

UAE is also a significant destination for footfall of business and tourist professionals from different countries. Infect UAE is a popular location for investing and hosts a vast professional community from all over the globe. This workaholic business community depends on food delivery services available on demand to satisfy the cravings of their daily lives.

The UAE is a great place to find new entrepreneurs in the food sector. Learn more about the market and top UAE applications for food delivery. If you’re living in the UAE or Dubai, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the top 12 apps for food delivery in the region, ensuring you can enjoy a wide variety of cuisines without stepping foot outside your home.

UAE Food Delivery Apps: Detailed Market Stats

The UAE market comprises various high-state companies, such as KFC, Careem Now, other restaurants, and international brands. The online food delivery rate within the UAE is growing at 31.5 percent, and it’s increasing, according to estimates of Statista, to 32.7 percent by 2025.

The market is leveraging and hopeful for entrepreneurs who are just beginning their business from the most spartan amenities and the understanding that the markets.

Let’s get together to learn what the marketplace for catering is as a possible option for your company and if you want to start from scratch. We are available for more assistance.

Know About The Top Food Delivery Apps In UAE

Good food is the sole thing that people around the globe want to hear. How would the UAE define itself? Not at all. This thought from the minds of the ordinary people to the business leaders from the Middle East and the UAE regions is straight to intent. Companies were interested at the beginning of their search for cooking, food preparation and preparation, delivery, food delivery, nutrition, diet, and a lot more.

Below, we share various ideas for food delivery services in the UAE or Gulf countries to enter the market niche and effectively provide customers with unique and standard services.

List of Best Food Delivery Apps in the UAE for 2024

Talabat Talabat ( One of the Top Food delivery apps in the UAE)

No. 1 in the ranking is Talabat Food, along with the Grocery app, the most well-known food service delivery and takeaway service.

It’s limited only to the Gulf region. The Gulf region is also included, as well as the Middle East, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, and so on. and covers an area of 74 percent.

Get instant food delivery services for thousands at Talabat, with outlets across Dubai and the Gulf countries. Deliver your food to your doorstep and enjoy discounts on your purchases right away. Talabat is renowned for its fresh and delicious cuisines, including salads, meat favorite dishes, fresh flowers, gift shops in the UAE, and many more.

The reason Talabat is so well-known in the UAE:

  • We were founded in 2004. It earns millions through its catering services as well as delivery service. It is a contributor to revenue of 55 percent of the Middle East market and is expanding. It has raised an investment total of $1.5 Billion over the years.
  • It applies the hyper-local delivery model for the customers.
  • In its ready-to-pay order system, users can choose the payment option they prefer from cashless wallets, UPI payment, or cash-on-delivery.
  • With the latest flavor of food items, There is something for everyone you want without letting your appetite go.
  • More than one million active users across the globe.
  • The company redesigned the website to talk about its style and concept.

Deliveroo (Best Food Delivery App UAE)

With an average market share of 22 percent, Deliveroo is our favorite takeaway. It was founded in the UK but soon grew into a leading model, with over 160k locations around the globe. The most popular locations in which Deliveroo launched its business include the UK, UAE, Australia, Singapore, and Kuwait.

Deliveroo is updated, featuring the concept of Ghost Kitchens. These kitchens are situated at the most convenient locations for customers who can avail of immediate delivery. Deliveroo promises to offer customers drop-in service. You can place orders for your food from any location and relax, rest, and take time to enjoy your meal on the couch.

  • In 2013, the company was founded. It was officially launched in the UAE in 2015. It offers services in Dubai, Sharjah, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, and Ajman.
  • Deliveroo provides its leading services in partnership with Amazon. Deliveroo earned $ 1.8 billion in 2021, expected to increase by 51% within two years. There are 8 million active users in the UK alone.
  • 2021 Deliveroo is set to launch in 2021 with the ghost kitchen or cloud concept as the initial step towards speedy delivery.

Noon_Food – (Best Food Delivery in UAE, Dubai)

Presently, the company operates on the principle of serving massive meals to their customers throughout Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah and will soon start in UAE. The concept of noon meals began in early 1975—the curry king had always desired to provide delicious dishes and curries to customers.

The visibility of the market for lunch food could be better, but you can have a wide range of pick-to-pay services available for takeaway or delivery. Try it for yourself and find an inspiration for your mobile app for food delivery.

Mrsool ( Leading Food Delivery App in UAE)

The Mrsool refers”to “contribute or deliver,” and this idea came about in 2015. It is the most reliable food delivery service in the UAE. It offers products to those who need more time to drive to the nearest store to meet their daily needs. When hungry, they look up Mr. Sool to find the best food item to receive in minutes.

  • It has an annual turnover of $5 million with an average user count of 1.4M.


This app is specifically designed for those living in the UAE and its surrounding regions. The company began food delivery at the end of last year. It has a global presence of 50 million users. Careem offered its services to women who worked and began working with them to provide their services—a four percent market share by 2020. Uber will purchase the app.

Careem lets its customers take advantage of deals, rewards, and discounts. Customers can also purchase anything through the app.


It is among the top food delivery companies across Saudi Arabia that facilitates many services through the aggregator model.

It is committed to its customers and does its best to provide them with refunds and money back on time. You can get all kinds of food products and items from the packaging available in Jahez.

  • To date, Jahez has completed more than 36M orders and earned revenue of 68 million.
  • Jahez is hasus for its customers’ exceptional service by providing on-demand services, such as deliveries and rapid commerce, as well as pick up and drop through its website.


It’s M&S, which is the top food delivery application in UAE. Chicken or sauces with toppings, desserts, cakes, or biscuits; you can find everything available at M&S.

If you’re health conscious, we will care for your diet by providing ultra-sensational experiences for our clients. Since the beginning of the decade, Mark and Spencer have become a household name representing the UAE food experience.

Chicking UAE

Its Chicking food delivery service offers an easy Halaali option derived from the core of The Middle East. Another place to go for delicious hot chicken made from cooking bars. It’s a fast-food Indian-Arabian restaurant operating successfully across both countries since 2000.


Its user base is between 1 and 5 million. You can enjoy the world of taste right for all KFC fans via your local KFC store. Check out the Order Envy menu that includes burgers, food items, KFC buckets, a zinger box, and more.

For those who love meat and crave meat late into the night, take your time, and with a full stomach, KFC is all around to serve. It was back in 1975, but it’s changed.

Now until 12 noon

It’s your go-to daily grocery and food delivery app. Shop for groceries, food, fresh bread, medicine, daily eateries, and more by using a mobile app.

You can only use NowNow—your favorite store for local groceries and deals at supermarkets.


The Station for Hunger has a broad reach across UAE regions and other destinations. It served over 65 percent of its market and provided its service through hunger logistics.

It was not just about food and beverage services but also grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets to cater to the clients. On Google Play Store Google Play Store, it has been downloaded by over 10M users.

  • Make your order anytime. Distributed across 70 cities.
  • The profit range is $10M to $15M.

Munch On ( Most Popular UAE Food Delivery App)

The ride-hailing firm Careem purchased the app that delivers food in 2021. It plans to extend its services across various platforms. The company earns revenue that is $1 billion. It provides a variety of different services, including delivery of food, ride-hailing, groceries, payments, and many more services to serve its consumers. The company claims to increase its services and extend them to broader areas, which includes Fintech.

Other apps on the list include Eat Clean ME, Quality Food, and EatEasy. It’s impossible to count for you if every app is listed in this list.

How do you find the best food delivery app in the UAE?

If you’ve decided to open a restaurant, selecting the most suitable app development firm is important. Only the best fit will know the features needed in the app and when it is appropriate to launch it on the market.

The app that delivers food must be brimming with features such as;

  • Add food items to the carts on schedule
  • Hassle-free payments
  • Real-time tracking of delivery man
  • Access order history quickly and easily
  • In addition, you will find offers and specials
  • Help users online
  • Pip app-in features
  • Chatting within the app

By confirming your claims quickly with a quick confirmation, you can get insights into each company and how they’re serving their clients. While selecting from various markets for development apps to create apps, planning and conducting research before you start using the services is essential.

Key Takeaway!

We at White Label Fox believe in the high-quality products that are available in the app, and over the years, we’ve provided beneficial services to customers across the globe. Contact us today for your food delivery app solutions and needs, and we’ll assist you in beating the best in the marketplace. Hire dedicated app developers through the most effective mobile app for food delivery companies.

food delivery apps have revolutionized the way we enjoy our favorite foods. With the 12 best apps listed above, you can easily explore different cuisines and satisfy your cravings with just a few clicks on your smartphone. Whether you’re in the UAE or Dubai, these apps put delicious meals at your fingertips. So sit back, relax, and let these apps bring delicious food straight to your home.

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