All About LED High Bay Lights and their Types

LED high bay lights

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As the name indicates LED high bay lighting are those LED lights that are used for the places that have high ceilings. They use advanced LED technology that provides excellent illumination with low energy consumption. These LED lights are mostly used in garages, workshops, houses, and factories where ceilings are very high and we need to get direct lights from the ceiling and cover a huge area. 

A High bay lightning system is different from low bay light because of its ceiling range and lightning source. A low bay light is applied on ceilings that are 15 feet high or below it but a high bay light can be applied to the ceilings that are more than 15 feet high or up to 45 feet. High bay light is equipped with a powerful lightning source to brighten a large area as it has more space to illuminate as compared to a low bay light. 

Different types of LED high bay lights

There are different types of high bay lights available in the market. We have described two major types of high bay light based on the lightning area they are covering.

  1. UFO high bay light: These lights enable you to control the beam angle to the specified working area so you can get the maximum intensity of lights to a specific area wherever you want. These lighting fixtures are easy to install and have a cool appearance as compared to the other type.
  1. Linear high bay light: A linear high bay light comes in a rectangular shape that’s why it is most preferable for rectangular areas such as a hallway and aisle and many more. They provide a wider beam angle as compared to the UFO high bay light. Another main advantage of using linear high bay light is that you will not observe any spotlighting effect. 

A beam angle is an angle that is present between two directions where you will get a maximum of 50% of illumination intensity with beam centerline. The area that is not covered by the beam angle also gets light but the intensity is weaker as compared to the center of high bay light.

Illumination of high bay lights

LED High bay lights’ range of illumination is specified according to their mounting height. According to the occupational safety and health administration recommendations, 10-foot candles are the illumination required for a common working area such as a carpenter shop, machine shop, tool rooms, warehouses, etc. So different lighting fixtures have different suggested mounting heights at which they provide maximum illumination output. 

Lepro Led high bay lights 

Lepro is one of the best companies that provide reliable lighting fixtures. Lepro LED high bay lighting fixtures are top-class lighting systems that come with a 5 years warranty. Its features and high quality satisfied the price. You can get rebates from a local utility provider as all the lepro LED high bay lights are DLC certified. They are also providing free shipping on their LED high bay lighting fixtures. 

On their official website, you can also find the manual that provides you with all the information including the illumination level at a different distance with the images of LED high bay lighting fixtures. This manual provides you with great help in mounting the LED high bay lights to get the desirable results.


For a high roof place LED high bay lights are a perfect choice. They provide a wide beam angle and efficient illumination. LED technology provides better light and also consumes less energy which indirectly reduces your electricity bill. The above article provides you with all the information about the lepro LED high bay lightning system and its types. 

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