How to attempt Airforce Group X and Y mock tests to get a good score in the exam?

Airforce Group X and Y

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This test is particularly popular among students who have completed their 10+2 exams since it allows them to join the AirForce at a young age.

According to the notice, the Group ‘X’ test would consist of English, Physics, and Maths at the 10+2 level, with a 60-minute time limit. Group ‘Y’ Consists of English, Reasoning, and General Awareness subjects with a 45-minute time limit.

Candidates who want to choose both Air Force ‘X’ and ‘Y’ group exam must take English, Physics, Maths, Reasoning, and General Awareness papers.

After passing the written test, applicants must pass a physical exam that includes a 1.6-kilometer run in 6 minutes and 30 seconds, 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, and 20 squats. Candidates who pass all these test are qualified for the next round which is medical exams. 

How to attempt  Group X and Y mock tests to get a good score in the exam? 

The Airforce Group X & Y exam comprises three sections, the first two sections need proper planning and study. And the last section consists of physical tests. You would need to have complete knowledge of the Air Force Group X Y syllabus. Now we’ll talk about a good plan for clearing Air Force Groups X and Y in the first try.

These Points Will Help You Improve Your Mock Test Scores

It is vital to analyze mock exams in order to improve your overall performance on these examinations. 

  • Take 5 minutes to thoroughly study these points and save yourself hours of analysis.
  • Once you’ve completed a mock exam, choose the test analysis option.

Increase the number of mock tests 

When you first start out, you should combine daily revision and practice sessions with at least one mock exam. This frequency will have to grow with time. Remember to analyze each fake test’s performance before moving on to the next one, since it’s pointless to try a new one without first finding and bridging holes from the prior one.

Evaluation of your answers

Devote all of your attention to analyzing your test movements and finding solutions to problems like –

  • How many inexcusable blunders did I make?
  • How many of the predicted answers were wrong, and why?
  • Which questions/topics took up the most of my time?
  • What are some of the themes that I could swiftly respond to?
  • What blunders did I make in areas where I’m well-versed?
  • Is my understanding of the question correct?
  • How do you choose which questions to skip and which are worth taking a chance on?

And there are many more. Find out the answers to these questions and take the necessary steps to address them. With this crucial step, you’ve completed half of your work.

Return to the unanswered questions.

This might be a spontaneous action. Return to the unanswered questions and revise your approach this time. This is why mock tests are such a useful tool. Aside from the many advantages it gives, one unique feature it offers students is the ability to revisit unanswered questions. Take your time to answer these questions with all of your knowledge. If you were unable to try due to time constraints, you would most likely answer it today; otherwise, topics would have to be explored and relearned.

Make a new strategy for correct answers

Examine your right answers to see if there’s a way to answer the identical question with fewer steps, a better strategy, or in less time.

Don’t be afraid to try new things.

When it comes to experimenting with various tactics and strategies, try a variety of methods to determine what works best for you. 

You can visit BYJU’S Exam Prep to take mock tests to evaluate your performance. 

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