Gain the Unprecedented Advantage of S/4HANA with Test Automation


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Digital transformation is the idea of using technology not only to replicate an existing one in a digital form, but also to use the idea to turn that service into something which is much better. Scalable ERP solutions like SAP can help you meet your unique digital transformation needs. But you need to know the truth about your SAP software and the impacts of the proposed changes before giving the green light to the SAP updates. With SAP test automation, you can identify areas to test and eliminate the time and expense of performing a regression test suite for every code update or change for the entire SAP ecosystem. Gain the unprecedented advantage of S/4HANA with test

Test Automation plays a vital role in the implementation of the entire software. Enhanced Flexibility, quality, and time to market are the major reasons why enterprises look for testing services for SAP applications

Test automation assets for SAP automated testing

Preconfigured Solutions and Prebuilt Components: These assets provide specific functionalities and are used as part of a solution, for example, industry-specific functionalities/configuration. These are often offered by providers in their niche industry/focus area. The purpose is generally to use these assets to solve a problem that multiple clients face. They are often delivered via flexible platforms and augmented by services. These create value by avoiding “recreate the wheel” every time an organization needs to build something. Thereby, it allows valuable time to focus less time on what can be recreated and more on what is truly differentiating.

Accelerators: This category includes assets such as standards, processes, procedures, toolkits, methodologies, frameworks, automation and reusable code libraries. Some providers will have hundreds of accelerators that are used to increase quality, speed, efficiency and productivity and to reduce cost. Accelerators are generally included as part of the engagement by most providers today. These accelerators can include automation for specific areas and various jump-start kits and can be focused on domain, systems, technology or vertical. Frameworks are also used to define, streamline and build in best practices, and they can cover the complete software development life cycle with processes and tools.

Create Assets Focused on Solving Specific Business Problems The value and purpose of assets is to bring a more complete solution to clients that can form the baseline for solving a business problem. There are different approaches, but there are many opportunities for service providers here

OpKey provides value by offering assets such as specific-to-platform test automation accelerators, which can simplify the process for organizations migrating from on-premises to S4/HANA other platforms. So the opportunity is there to further refine the assets they have, for example, accelerators for testing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) with an AI-driven approach. In the packaged application space, OpKey has been active in the market.

Testing assets could also be built based on increase in demand for the use of API interfaces and API testing. There is strong demand, for example, within traditional banks transforming to digital banking or banks already operating as a digital bank. This creates a need for solutions including no-code and API testing solutions.

OpKey provides unparalleled SAP testing experience with fully automated 1000+ pre-built SAP tests and components, Risk-based Test Automation, and the End to End visibility into Change Impact across the entire SAP ecosystem. OpKey’s Change Impact Analysis for SAP, helps reduce risks to critical business processes caused by standard or customized changes of the SAP software. Its predictive engine quickly analyses an SAP update and identifies exactly what needs to be tested during pre-release validations to avoid post-go-live defects. OpKey Surge also addresses the major challenge customer’s face while migrating the businesses from SAP ECC to S/4 HANA. OpKey, the process mining enabled continuous testing platform for testing SAP updates, provides 90% more efficient tests for migration from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA supporting both during migration and post migration.

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