8 Exercises for Incredible Grip Strength

Grip Strength
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When it is a fact of strength training, building a firm grip is essential though we usually neglect this area. In fact, we won’t get trained at all because we don’t know grip training does a lot apart from the handshake. Handgrip strength is important for our regular life to hold heavy bags, open a pickle jar, and lift grocery items. The real fact is that primary grip training gives you a long-term result. Grip training has a versatile effect and provides a huge dividend on strength and fitness. Poor grip strength bothers you in multiple ways. You can’t do exercises like deadlifts, lunges, rows, bench, and pull-ups with poor grip strength. When your grip strength gets better, the rest of your lifts will become better.

Top 8 Grip Strength Exercise

Hand gripping exercise

You can start the gripping exercise with a hand gripper or torsion gripper. It is easy and the best way to improve your crush grip. The available hand grippers are very difficult to close with hands. You can buy high-quality hand grippers from good brands online. It is marketed for about $20 each. It is available in multiple varieties of tension ranging from 60 lbs to 365lb.

You can increase your gripping strength by doing repetition and max close; even you can hold a close for a set or maximum period. The experienced trainer advises starting with the basic learning of properly setting and closing a hand gripper. To perform this, you need a certain level of skill and physical strength. Thus you need to begin with 2-4 sets of 8-10 reps with a light gripper and start working from this position.

Barbell Holds

This is the easiest way to fix in a squat rack with the pins adjusted under the position where you would 

lock the deadlift. The main objective here is not to lift up the heavyweight but to hold on to it. Thus 2 inches is perfectly ok. Hold the bar with a double overhand grip at your shoulder width and stand straight. It is called deadlift lockout stance. The objective here is to keep it for the time you can. It depends upon your endurance level. 5-10 seconds is enough at the initial stage. In the beginning, 3-5 sets are enough of a trainee.

Farmer’s Carries

It is done with 2 Kettlebells or Dumbbells. 

Farmer’s carries refer to you standing up with the weight and walking for a few meters for a certain period of time. This step brings motion to your grip. Thus your forearms get challenged and increase the endurance level of muscles, hips, and shoulders. Try walking 20′ and progress up to 40′ with heavy loads.

Towel/ Rope Pull-ups

Towel/ rope pull-ups are very effective in enhancing your grip. If your gym does not have a towel service, you can take it from your home. 

First, drape your towel over a standard pull-up bar, grip them tightly, then do your regular set of pull-ups. You may feel it difficult to perform in the beginning, but gradually, your grip will improve.

Plate pinches

To strengthen pinch grip, you can practice plate pinches. Here you just need two plates with one side is flat where you can pinch together for some time. In the beginning, squeeze two 5lb plates for 30 seconds for a few sets. In case that gets too simple, then, at that point, increase to two or even three 10lb plates.

Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz is one of the famous grip training exercises which usually performed with a standard barbell, pull-up bar, or dumbbell. It isn’t easy, but with practice, the steps get easier. Gym trainers always recommend using them periodically as the grip trains are comparatively easy without offering constant attention. You can add A few times per month, add them to your standard deadlifts and take a stab at doing both twofold overhand and alternating grip for a heavyweight. They likewise function admirably for jaw ups and dumbbells equally.

Hex hold

Hex dumbbell holds another great approach to strengthen your open grip. If your gym is hex style dumbbell, then you can practice it easily. If not available there, you can purchase only the heads of the hex dumbbells from the online or offline athletic store. Hex heads of dumbbells are known as Blobs. All you have to do is hold the head of the dumbbell for 30 seconds. You just have to do only a couple of sets.

Band or sand hand Extensions

Band extension can be performed by placing a band around your fingers and stretching your hand outward for reps. You can purchase professional bands for this training. But we would recommend using a thick band available on a crown of broccoli or found in a rubber bracelet males used to wear.

In this article, we have discussed eight simple exercises to improve your gripping strength. Grip strength exercise is a great hand therapy that gradually improves your hand endurance. It is important to remember the training is time taking. Thus you have to keep patience and practice continuously.

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