5 Writing Tools to Stand Out with Business Messaging

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Being in touch with your clients and customers is important, but it’s just as important to do it right. That’s what business messaging is all about, as it allows you to write short, informative announcements, queries, and updates for your brand’s followers. Investing in business messaging writing tools always pays off, and you can rest assured that your stakeholders will appreciate it. 

According to HubSpot, 70% of businesses actively invest in new tools for business marketing purposes, with 77% operating with a planned marketing strategy in place. In a similar vein, Smart Insights reported that 84% of marketers outsource content writing rather than do it in-house without the proper tools or know-how. Let’s take a look at several writing tools that can help up your business messaging game and become more competitive in 2021.

  1. Evernote

Touted as the best note-taking application on the web, Evernote is a great writing tool for business messaging for that reason alone. While it won’t allow you to create comprehensive blog posts or optimize writing for SEO, Evernote is extremely robust when it comes to short-form content. 

Its features list extends to a plethora of integrations for popular services such as Google Mail and Drive, as well as cross-platform synchronization. It’s very easy to scan documents on the go with your smartphone’s camera and continue working on them via your laptop or tablet. Evernote’s writing editor is rich with options that will ensure the best legibility and engagement for your business messaging going forward.

  1. Todoist

As its name might suggest, Todoist is a writing tool primarily used for content organization and scheduling. Business messaging will require you to create content, deliver it and answer customer questions to past messages all at once. 

Todoist will allow you to do everything in its time without losing your head. The tool features numerous options for scheduling, notifications, and general workflow organization, making it a must for full-time business messaging professionals. While you won’t be able to create content directly through Todoist, the app itself is very helpful in ensuring that everything is done on time.

  1. Grammarly

Proper grammar, spelling, and formatting are essential for business messaging, given its short form. You don’t want to send out a message to your contacts list only to then discover proofreading mistakes. That’s why Grammarly is a writing tool worth keeping an eye on. You can integrate Grammarly into various platforms, including Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, and Windows itself. 

Likewise, it is available in cloud form if you want to write messages through its online UI manually. You can use the EssaySupply service to write content and messages for your customers if you are short on time or want professional writing help. While Grammarly is a great tool for last-minute grammar checks, it is based on AI algorithms, and your original message should always be a priority. Luckily, you can add exceptions to Grammarly’s spelling database to accommodate for niche terminology or abbreviations.

  1. Pocket

No matter what type of marketing you attempt, you will inevitably go against other businesses in the industry. Pocket is a writing app that will help you during the research and preparation phases of your business messaging writing. It comes in the form of a browser add-on, and it allows you to “pocket” different links and content for later reference. 

This means that you will have a much easier time creating original content unlike anything else on the web thanks to these references. You can group notes based on different categories so that you can avoid repeating what your competitors have already done and focus on original writing. Pocket is very easy to use, and it will improve your business messaging content creation considerably compared to before.

  1. Milanote

Described as “The Evernote for Creatives”, Milanote is the most visual-based writing tool than most on our list. However, this makes it extremely useful for business messaging which inherently relies on short content. Milanote features writing boards that can be organized into groups with creative and practical graphics available to you. 

You can create checklists, progress bars as well as use a number of its original visuals to organize your workflow as best as possible. Basic text-editing and formatting are also available, meaning that you can use Milanote for business messaging writing to an extent. Milanote is also very versatile when it comes to online collaboration with remote coworkers, something that other writing tools often lack.

To Summarize

To make the most out of business messaging, you will have to learn to use various writing tools specifically designed for such content. Traditional text editors won’t be able to help format or sometimes even proofread your writing properly with special characters and hashtags present. Pick and choose the writing tools suitable to your affinities as a marketer, and they will undoubtedly help your business stand out.

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