5 Ways To Style Men’s Singlets The Right Way

Men's Singlets

Last Updated on July 11, 2024 by Team Experts

The extreme Australian climate calls for lightweight and activity-oriented clothing. Hence, the general style trends among men are more casual and rugged. Singlets or tank tops have also become an intricate part of the lifestyle in Australia. The popularity of singlets in Australia is such that the Chesty Bond singlets had $ 370 million in sales in recent times. While the practical ease is undeniable, men’s singlets can be tricky to pull off in terms of fashion.

The physique and the confidence of the person together affect how well they can wear these vests. Here are five ways in which one can style men’s singlets to enhance their appeal.

Men’s singlets and tank tops show off the physique significantly. But when it is styled the right way, it can also cover any flaws in the physique. The following are some of the tips to style the men’s tanks and vest correctly:

Choosing the Right Fit

These tanks and vests are available in different styles. There are slim fits, relaxed fit, longline, sports-inspired, and more. You need to make a choice based on your body structure. The narrow-fitted singlet is most suited for a slimmer body and is an excellent choice for layering outfits. On the other hand, the relaxed fit is universally flattering and comfortable.

Longlines are similar to the relaxed fit but are longer and more loosely fitted. These are also best for layering and creating a casual look. Once you have selected the right option, the accessorizing and pairing are easier.

Colour and Prints

The Men’s singlets are mostly worn throughout the summer months. This is the time for bright colors. You can even get experimental with the colors and prints for these outfits since they use minimal fabric. This is the ideal outfit where you can break color-stereotypes surrounding men’s wear.

Solid colours, graphic prints, and even aloha-style flowers and prints will not look over the top when it is a singlet. However, it is best to avoid singlets with mottos, sports slogans, and similar designs for casual wear.

Layering and Pairing

Singlets are versatile enough to be worn alone or as a part of a layered outfit. Whichever way you wish to wear it, take the occasion and the purpose into account. For example, a men’s singlet can be worn to a formal event when layered with a formal blazer and relevant accessories.

Similarly, what you pair the top with also affects the men’s style statement. The rule of thumb is to keep your pants fitted when the singlet is relaxed and vice versa. Similarly, the rule applies to prints and colours. Solid colours are classic and can be paired easily as long as they complement each other. But when you are were stripes or print, it should be either on the vest or the pants.

Upgrade or Singlet Wardrobe Often

Singlets can become ill-fitting quickly over the months of wearing them frequently. Thus, it is advisable to keep updating the singlet wardrobe if you wear them too often. Having said that, do avoid wearing a singlet to the most formal occasions like weddings.

Men’s Singlets are comfortable, stylish, and ideal for Australian summers, making them a popular choice. Styling them correctly helps you make the most of them.

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