Vaccine-coated, 3D-printed patches may soon replace a syringe near you

3D-printed patches

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In this Covid Situation, people are getting vaccinated and take a sigh of relief. But, what about you? Have you book your slots for vaccination or have you still got afraid of the needle? Are you still letting your fear win over your health? A Big NO! It’s time to get up and vaccinated yourself not with the needle but with the patch for sure. Yes, it will sound a little bit odd but it’s true. The researchers at Stanford University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have invented a way to vaccinate yourself without getting any needle. This patch is usually placed to the skin directly which has immune cells and is used to give vaccination to people. The team has developed a new, 3D-printed patches for people who hate the needle. This patch lets you immunized without any jab.

The skilled researchers at Stanford University announced that the 3D printed patches are more convenient and accurate compare to the normal syringe. Generally, a syringe takes little time to reach the main place but these new patches are much better because they directly go down to the compound without delaying time to reach the surface Ink Leibinger. Also, it provides 10 instances of more effective reactions on the body. As this is not treated on the human till now so, we are not 100% sure about their reactions. 

With the above invention, we can surely say that research can make anything possible which we imagine in our mind. And thanks to the mind who understand the pain and fear of people with a syringe. We know that people are thinking about that great printer that is used to invent these vaccine-coated 3D printed patches. So, here we are providing the details of that printer. 

Everything You Need to Know About CLIP 3D Printer: 

This is not an ordinary printer that is used to print the text and images on papers or used to print official documents. This is a CLIP prototype 3D printer DeSimone invented and is produced by way of CARBON, a Silicon Valley corporate he co-founded. CLIP is known as continuous liquid interface production which is a new way to develop 3D print parts in different materials. This printer technology is becoming popular so fast. The CLIP technology promises to provide quick solutions and it also increases the speed, resolution, and strength of the printer objects like Ink Videojet. Photosynthesis resin, UV projector, and oxygen are the core material of this printer to provide the best output. This printer needs a different type of ink which is very rare as it has so many benefits. CLIP 3D printing is used to manufacturing complete products and prototyping. The amazing feature of this printing Is that they can be built multiple complex shapes together under one tray. This feature will save time, cost and process hamper. As we are a leading printing company, we are glad to announce this news to you all. We also deal with manufacturing printers with quality parts such as Collins Ink, cartage, inkjet printers, and many more other items.  

We completely agree with the title that “Vaccine-coated, 3D patches may soon replace a syringe near you”. As we can understand that there are tons of benefits of using printed patches in comparison to the traditional syringe. There is some difference between the 3D printed patches and traditional syringes which is enough to choose from between the two. Below we have provides a difference between both the vaccination type. Go through these before deciding the vaccination type for yourself and your family. 

Difference Between Traditional Syringe and 3D printed Patches

The vaccine given with the syringe is taken a little more time to reach the compound in comparison to 3D printed patches. They reach the desired location quickly and due to this reaching process, researchers like printed patches moreover any others. 

After the test was completed on mice, we understand that the 3D printed patches have 50 times more antibody response in the comparison on the normal syringe. The latter technology needs to go deeper down to give a better effect to the person’s body. 

Syringes need to give more protection and care so that they can offer the best results. But as per the researchers of PNAS, these micro-needle patch vaccines can be transported to any place and can be stored in all situations in the upcoming time. 

Rare Facts About 3D Printed Patches: 

The researchers also annotated that these micro-needle vaccine patches are going to be used for flu and measles in the upcoming time to protect people from syringe fear. 

With these patches, you don’t need to visit any doctor or clinic as these patches can be accessible by anyone without any specific requirements. These patches can be easily shipped anywhere in the world without any special handling. 

This painless method of vaccination leads to an increase the vaccination rates the all over world. 

Our talented researchers are working on this method for a long decade and now it has been completed. But still, our team is looking for more modifications to make it perfect for you. 

At last, I would like to say that the only thing I have learned in this pandemic – Everything can stop but not our imagination and Innovation. And thanks to those skilled minds who evolve these unique ideas to make our life easy and bring us to the next level in the race of technology. We are very grateful that we have such amazing researchers and a team of experts who are working hard to make our dreams come true. So, it’s time to book your syringe vaccine for covid-19 until the 3D printed patches come into our country. 

All the best to the researchers of Stanford University and the University of North Carolina for making this new vaccine and Hotmelt Ink Markem that is less invasive, painless, and most important self-administrated. In developing this technology, we wish you the very best of luck to provide such more innovations.

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