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Starting a blog is something many people want. It is just another way of expressing your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. But also of unleashing your creativity and pouring words on paper. Blogs are usually public and seeing that people are reading what you wrote and sharing your blog posts can be enlightening and empowering. But which are the things you should know about blogging? We have collected 25 of the most important ones you should be aware of when you start blogging. 

1. Use SEO 

You want your blog posts to reach as many people as possible. But besides sharing your blog posts and advertising them, you need to keep in mind that people are also searching online for keywords. SEO, search engine optimization, is the technique many bloggers and marketers are using. The better your SEO, the higher your blog will rank in search engines. And people will find you easier. 

2. Identify the Keywords People Are Searching For 

To improve your SEO, you need to identify the keywords people are searching for. Many online tools can help you do exactly this. Find the keywords your target audience is looking for in your niche, for example how to get help with programming assignment. Then, use them in your blog posts. 

3. Write Shareable Content 

People want to read in-depth information and content that is not copied from other sites. Focus on writing quality content that is also shareable. 

4. Add Links 

To increase the reach of your blog posts, you could add links to other websites. Sometimes, to back up your point of view, you may search for information from high-authority sources. Add those links to your posts too. 

5. Quality over Quantity 

The mistake many beginner bloggers make is to focus on quantity, rather than on quality. There is a false impression that the more you post, the higher your reach. But if your blog posts do not come with added value, people will stop reading them. 

6. Internal Linking 

Internal Linking, meaning linking to some of your old blog posts, is a nice way to improve SEO. At the same time, you promote some of your past articles. 

7. Use Photos 

Photos can help you emphasize some feelings and emotions, so adding images to every blog post is necessary. Many websites offer you a wide library with royalty-free photos. 

8. Infographics and Charts 

Adding infographics and charts to your blog posts, whenever necessary, allows the reader to grasp your ideas better. There are free designing tools you can use to create an eye-candy infographic, such as Canva. 

9. Call to Action 

There are many types of blog posts you can write. But adding a call to action at the end of it will increase the engagement of your readers. Encourage them to share their opinion about what they have read or to answer a related question. 

10. Make Use of Social Media 

Social media is the online universe where people around the world meet each other. There, you can get a pretty high reach with your blog posts and increase their visibility. Make good use of social media to promote your blog. 

11. Collaborate with Influencers 

Social media is also the place that offers you many collaboration opportunities. Social media influencers are those people who have thousands of followers and that could recommend your blog to their communities. 

12. Organize Giveaways 

If you sign up for accounts of Facebook and Instagram, you need to work on growing your community. And one way to do this is to organize giveaways. 

13. Make Friends 

Networking is one of the ways you can grow your community and increase the support you get. Comment on other people’s blog posts, follow them and recommend their blogs to your community. 

14. Know Your Target Reader

Having a blog is something you mainly do for yourself. But some blog posts may have the goal of helping the reader, so it is important to know who you are talking to. Identify your target audience. 

15. Newsletter 

A newsletter is a great way to keep your community engaged, so make sure you build an email list from the start. You can send them a newsletter and updates about your activity. 

16. Inspire From Your Audience

Sometimes, you may not have any idea what to write about. But, you can ask your audience what they would like to read more about. And you will surely get some nice ideas. 

17. Forums 

Forums are great places where people from corners of all over the world meet and share ideas and opinions. Consider sharing your blog posts on such forums; one of them is Reddit. 

18. Create an About Page 

Let your target audience find things about you, know your passions, experience, and hobbies. 

19. Take Care of the Design 

Even though you may think that what you write is more important than the design of the blog, you are wrong. Choose a template that shows your personality and create a nice design for your blog. 

20. White Space

When writing articles, it is important to format them so that they are readable. This means making use of white space as much as possible because it increases the readability of your text. 

21. Paid Ads 

If you want to increase the reach and engagement of your blog posts, you could consider paying for ads. You can choose the platform you want to promote your blog on. 

22. Videos 

Visual content is great at engaging the readers. But it also helps you send an idea easier. Add videos to your blog posts whenever you consider it right. 

23. Make a Plan 

Writing posts and posting them online without a strategy will not help you grow. Planning everything will. 

24. Amazing Headlines 

The headline is the first thing your audience reads. Make sure you create some powerful and compelling ones, to convince it to click and read more, says an essay writer.  

25. Make Your Blog Secure 

One of the most important things you should know about blogging is that you need to make your blog secure and install a security plugin. 

Blogging is a nice activity everyone can start on its own. These are the top 25 things you should know about blogging.

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