10 Best Budget Wireless Headphones in 2020 -2021

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Best Budget Wireless Headphones: Do you want to shut out the world while commuting to office? Or listen to your favourite newfound track late at night, when your parents are fast asleep? Or maybe, you don’t like the music tastes of the friends you are chilling with? Behold headphones, the solution to (almost) all your problems! 

Technological advances in this market have heralded a new era of wireless headphones, and people can’t get enough of it! Bid goodbye to your headphone wires and move on to this sleek and tech savvy wireless connectivity. With such special headphones, you are free to move around without any headphone cords that might get tangled with random objects. The hazards of using wired headphones, such as tear/breakage of wires, clumsiness in handling, misplacement etc., can be easily overcome with wireless headphones. 

Best Wireless Headphones

As a result, wired headphones are being chucked out in favour of wireless ones, without some smartphones lacking even a headphone socket. As the wireless headphone market booms, you must join the queue. You are free to choose from a range of options depending on your technical requirements, usability options, and most importantly the budget you have set. 

Whether it is a basic best budget wireless headphones that lets you hum along in a crowd, or a tech-savvy noise cancelling one that shuts out external noise and makes you groove, you should choose wisely. Given below are some of the best wireless headphones that will keep the music alive without digging a hole in your pocket!


Headphone fanatics have been pleasantly surprised with the sound quality of AKG Y50BT, especially because of its sound quality. It packs a solid punch, has a dynamic sound, and gives you a quirky sound mix! From hard rock bands to the latest pop music, the AKG Y50BT will play amazing music for you at an affordable price of $97. 

Moreover, it is portable as well as lightweight. Plus, its sleek looks are sure to catch your eyes in the store!

Mpow 059

A frontrunner among affordable wireless headphones, Mpow 059 has a big over-ear and uses passive noise-isolation to equalize your favourite tracks. 40mm drivers send stereo mixes directly to you ears. If comfort is a prime factor, just buy ‘memory protein’ ear cushions along with a headband that is easily adjustable. 

For the tech lovers, Mpow 059 brings fantastic news. Now, you can browse through music and take calls all in the wireless mode. Just check out the cool microphone that comes with these headphones. Additionally, it is portable and easy to carry. 


A combination of comfort and quality, JBL offers these compact wireless headphones only for your joy! It can be easily folded and taken around wherever you go, while its sound is heavily bass-driven. You will feel like you are attending a live concert with the 32 mm drivers that JBL is equipped with. 

While the battery life of JBL is not as good as Mpow, the powerful sound of this headphone is a revelation. Moreover, you have easy button controls to alternate between music and calls. Whether it is an Iron Maiden live show or your favourite Marvel film, JBL T450BT is a pocket-friendly beast!

Lindy BNX 60

Lindy is a lifesaver if you want excellent noise-cancelling wireless headphones at a reasonable price. Shut out the outside world and concentrate on the next song, video, or call!

Even though critics claim that its noise-cancelling abilities could be improved, you can recharge Lindy with a USB. There is no need to search for new batteries every time you go out of charge.

Furthermore, the sound you get is clear, well processed and booming. If you are willing to forgive Lindy’s looks, it guarantees good quality sound trips at just $97. 

Levin Hi-Fi Deep Bass

With excellent sound quality and a resounding bass, look no further. Levin offers you a refined sound emanating via 40mm drivers. The music you get is polished, well equalized and easily navigable. 

On top of that, you can move between calls and music/films in a hassle-free manner. Levin’s usability is smooth, while its comfort factor makes it the primary choice for most wireless headphone fanatics. Again, it has a cool design and is portable, thus easy to carry around. 

Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2 Wireless

Although they are in-ear headphones with a weird name, Skullcandy is one of the most affordable headphones that provide you a high-quality sound. They come at a jaw-dropping price of $36, along with a large neckband for support while you wear them. 

While its battery life might leave you disappointed, Skullcandy has a surprisingly fantastic sound and a decent wireless signal. For a dirt-cheap price, how much more can you want?

TOWAYS Hiearcool L2

In terms of sound quality and refinement, TOWAYS is second to none. These noise-cancelling headphones come with memory protein ear cushions and adjustable headbands. Moreover, the balance between the bass and the treble will leave you pleasantly surprised!

Additionally, its Bluetooth connectivity is solid. It is portable and comes with a case and an airplane adapter. Hands down, one of the best budget wireless headphones in the market today. 

Beats by Dre Beats X

With a decent battery life and fast charging capability, Beats doubles up with an excellent sound quality. With Fast Fuel charging, you can be rest assured that lack of charge is not going to make you miss your daily commute playlist! Currently, it is priced at $59/

iJoy Matte 

If you want an all-rounder wireless headphone, iJoy is your best choice. With soft comfortable earmuffs, clearly balanced sound and enhanced Bluetooth connectivity, iJoy really turns the tables. Add to that a cool microphone and button controls and you have got your favourite affordable headphone.

 Riwbox WB5

If you are looking for an affordable headphone, Riwbox offers amazing noise-cancelling headphones with strong Bluetooth connectivity. For your comfort, it is lightweight and portable with a 20-hour batter life! For music lovers, this is your best options at a minimum pocket pinch.

This list is not exhaustive by any means. There are a few other brands which offer similar best budget wireless headphones. However, the above wireless headphones are the market dominators. So, stop waiting and check out these tech-savvy headphones at your nearest store!

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